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Pearl gel nail polish - all the Pink gel polish pearl colours you need!

The gel polish pearl colours of Pink Gellac are soft and give you a classic look with a shimmery effect. After all, pearls can be found in both utility and art objects. Do you opt for romantic pink pearl colours, or do you prefer soft and light with a light white pearl colour on your nails? You decide!

Sugar White gel varnish

The Sugar White colour by Pink is a colour that shines like sugar crystals with its light metallic finish with beautiful subtle glitters. This pearl colour is perfect for a soft and classy look in the spring or in the warm summer months! These colours will make you feel like you are in a sweet shop, with the sweet touch that this gel polish gives.

Romantic pearl polish

For romantic occasions, the pearl colours of gel polish are perfect. There is the Baby Lilac shade which gives a soft, baby lilac colour with a slight sparkle. You can create beautifully romantic nails with this. Apply the Baby Lilac colour over another colour of gel polish for a romantic touch. Or get inspired by the Romantic Pink, the name says it all!

Pearl colour combinations

For the pearly colours there are also beautiful colour combinations in the form of Pink Gellac nail varnish collections. For example, Radiant White shines in the Boudoir Charm Collection, a glamorous and classy collection of Pink Gellac colours. But also see the Sugar White gel polish shine in the spring collection Candy Couture. This sugar white colour shines like the biggest crystals and does well among this sweet collection that feels like a sweet shop!

On the pearl colour gellac you will never get bored! Because this colour is always a good colour to combine, or just as a good stand alone polish.

Try combining pearly white gel polish with one of these colours

Pink Gellac's pearlescent gel polishes are cut to match with our other nail polish colours. The shiny effect of the pearl that gives the gel polish its name provides the perfect finishing touch for a wide range of nail polish colours. You can easily give yourself that dreamy princess look by combining our pink gel polish with the pearl gel polish. You also give blue and green nail polish that little bit extra with the brilliant shine effect of the pearl gel polish. In need of a calmer colour? Pearly nail polish also goes well with brown gel polishes.