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Brown gel nail polish - All the brown gel polish colours you need!

The brown nail polish colours of Pink Gellac are always a good idea, the inspiration seems endless. Brown is a colour that is easy to combine with your favourite outfit. This is due to the natural and neutral finish of this colour. Would you choose a light brown shade of gel polish? Or go for a dark and mysterious brown that even looks a bit like black? You decide!

Chocolate Brown gel varnish

The Chocolate Brown colour by Pink is one of the most unique gellack colours, completely inspired by the creamy colour of chocolate. This is an all time favourite that continues to do well, especially in the fall season. This chocolate colour reminds of hazelnut. But also a warm living room while it is bleak and rainy outside. It is more than just a colour, but also evokes many warm feelings.

Spicy gel polish

Are you ready for some more spice? Then there is always something like the Oriental Spice! When we at Pink Gellac came up with this spicy gel polish, we took a number of elements into consideration. For example, roasted spices have been an inspiration for us when developing this spice. These herbs inspired us to add some sparkle to this dark shade. This brown colour has a warm undertone, paired with a frosted finish.

Perfect colour combinations

Brown colours lend themselves wonderfully to good collections. The thing about white colours is that they are suitable for many colour combinations. For example, Oriental Spice shines in the Uncovered7 Colourbox, a deliciously colourful autumn collection of Pink Gellac colours. But also see the Hazelnut Brown gel polish shining in the unique Fantasy collection. Let your imagination run wild!

With brown colours the possibilities are endless! Because this colour is always a good colour to combine. For the cold autumn days, or during a romantic dinner. You can do anything with brown.

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