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Rubber Base gel polish and the various colours

The Rubber Base gel polish from Pink Gellac is a base coat that gives your nails that extra touch they need. Because in addition to a beautiful shine and a beautiful colour, the Rubber Base gel polish also gives your nails the care they deserve.

What is Rubber Base gel polish?

Pink Gellac's Rubber Base is a water-resistant base coat with a high degree of viscosity (viscosity). This rubber coat provides strength to weak, weak and brittle nails. Very nice if your nails could use some extra strength. The thick substance of the rubber base ensures a beautiful and smooth gel polish without any imperfections. An example of a strong Rubber Base gel polish is the general Rubber Base. Due to the durable properties of this base coat, it is not necessary to use a primer. With this Rubber Base you can enjoy your painted nails for up to 3 weeks!

What Rubber Base colours are available?

Of course the Rubber Base gel polish is available in several colours. With our 2 in 1 Rubber Base Covers you get both a strong rubber base coat and a soft colour in one. First of all, there is the Rubber Base Cover Milky White: A rubber base with a fresh tint, which gives a classy feeling. This Rubber Base gel polish has a rich pigment and not only ensures strong and smooth nails, but also lies firmly on the nail. With this base coat you can effortlessly create milky nails! Another beautiful variant is the Rubber Base Cover Sparkling Rose. This is a beautiful Rubber Base gel polish that is reminiscent of a rose: subdued and at the same time pleasing to the eye. Or have a look at our latest Rubber Base Cover Pastel Wonder Collection with 5 matching on-trend spring colours Rubber Base Covers. View our range above with all Rubber Base Cover colours. Is your favourite colour here?

How to remove Rubber Base gel polish?

Removing Rubber Base gel polish is different for every nail. It just depends on the state of your nails, and there are countless other factors. In any case, follow the following steps to remove your Rubber Base gel polish as well as possible:

  1. Start by filing off the top coat. When filing, it is best to use the rough, most grainy side of the file. After this you put the remover on the nail, and it absorbs better if the nail is rough.
  2. Once you have applied the remover, wrap the nails in aluminium foil. Let this sit for about 10 minutes. Instead of remover or aluminium foil you can also use the Remover Wraps. You can easily wrap this around your fingertips.
  3. When the gel polish starts to peel off, simply remove it with an Orange Woodstick or Cuticle Pusher. Note: do not press too hard, because that will damage the nails.
  4. After removing your Rubber Base gel polish you can immediately apply a new gel polish. Weren't you planning this yet? Then first take care of your cuticles with cuticle oil, such as our Cuticle Oil Almond.