How to apply gel polish?

Learn how to apply gel polish in 3 easy steps

How to apply gel nail polish?

Your Pink Gellac adventure starts here! You have bought a starter kit or received a gift (lucky you), and now you want to know: where to start? Before applying the gel nail polish on the nails, you need the following from the package:

  • Nail wipes
  • Cleaner
  • Orange Woodsticks
  • Nail file
  • LED lamp
  • Basecoat
  • Gellac colour of choice
  • Topcoat
  • Cuticle Oil

Prepare your nails for gel polish

Good preparation is half the battle. A beautiful gel polish manicure starts with a Perfect Prep Routine. Push back your cuticles with the Orange Wood Stick. Then remove dead skin cells and unevenness on the nails with the polishing block. Then file your nails into the desired shape and wipe them down with a Nail Wipe and Cleaner. Make sure to keep your surroundings dust free! Finally, apply a thin layer of Prep Booster and let it dry for 30 seconds (not under the nail lamp).

Step 1: Apply the Base Coat to your nails

Now it is time to apply a thin layer of Base Coat. Keep a distance of about one millimetre from the cuticles. Use a woodstick to clean the cuticles if necessary. Let the Base Coat cure for 60 seconds under the LED nail lamp. Allow the gel polish to cool for another minute before applying the colour.

Step 2: Applying the Gel colour

Now it’s time to pop some colours. Apply the polish as thinly as possible over the entire nail, but keep a millimetre away from the cuticles. Use a woodstick to clean the cuticles if necessary. Don’t forget to apply polish to the edge of the nails, too. Let the nails dry and harden under the LED lamp for 60 seconds. If necessary, coat your nails again and let them dry under the light for another 60 seconds. Finally, let the nails cool down for one minute.

Step 3: Applying the Top Coat

Now it is time to apply the Top Coat. In this step, it is again important to keep a millimetre distance from the cuticles. Use a woodstick to clean the cuticles if necessary. Be precise when you apply the top coat to the tips of your nails. Let this layer harden for 60 seconds under the LED lamp. Did you use the Shine Topcoat? Then remove the sticky layer after one minute with a Nail Wipe and the Cleaner.

Good aftercare for a great Gel nail polish

After the Top Coat has also cured and you have removed the sticky layer if necessary, the aftercare follows! Apply the Cuticle Oil to the cuticles. This will keep them healthy and prevent them from drying out.

That's it!

Well done, the result is worth it! You can now enjoy this perfect gel polish manicure from Pink Gellac for a fortnight. Would you like to know how to remove the gel polish as quickly and thoroughly as possible? Watch our how-to video in which we explain it step by step.

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you!

A few more bonus tips!

  • Warm up the bottle of gel varnish before use. Easily 30 seconds between your hands. This ensures that the pigments mix well with each other.
  • Close the bottles again immediately after painting and keep them away from the LED lamp. Otherwise, the gel polish and the brush will dry out. This can also happen if you paint your nails in the sun. So pay attention to this!
  • Brush the polish well to avoid air bubbles.
  • Moisturise your nails and cuticles daily for a long-lasting result, especially in winter.
  • Never pull the polish off your nails if a part of it comes off. This will damage your nails.
  • Does your gel polish come off quickly? Read all our tips in 'The Perfect Prep Routine'. Chances are you skipped a step!