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Cleaner gel polish for well-groomed nails

To properly degrease your nails and remove a sticky layer, use gel polish cleaner. The Cleaner from Pink Gellac ensures good adhesion of the nail polish. This way you can enjoy your painted nails for an extra long time. Moreover, a cleanser also simply ensures beautifully cared for nails.

How do you use gel polish cleaner from Pink Gellac?

You can clean your nails with a gel polish cleaner. After pushing back the cuticles and slightly roughening the natural nail with a file, you can degrease the nails with the Cleaner and a Nail Wipe. A cleanser also comes in handy to remove the sticky layer from the Shine gel polish topcoat after it has been placed under the gel polish lamp has cured. For good adhesion and a long-lasting result, the Pink Cleaner should not be missed. You can also use this gel polish cleanser before applying normal nail polish.

What is a Nail Wipe?

In addition to the gel polish cleaner, you can shop Nail Wipes with us. These are wipes with which you can easily clean your nails. The Nail Wipes are lint-free and essential for a thorough cleaning of your nails. We recently gave the Nail Wipes a new look. The quality is just as strong as you are used to from us. Use the Nail Wipes in combination with our Pink Remover and aluminium foil to easily remove the Pink Gellac manicure. The Nail Wipes are available per 500 pieces and contain a recyclable dispenser with which you can easily remove the wipes from the roll. Also saves you waste!

The advantages of the Nail Wipes

Discover the benefits of Nail Wipes!

  • The wipes are completely lint-free
  • Easy to use when cleaning the nail with cleaner before applying the gel polish
  • Good to combine with aluminium foil while removing your manicure
  • Pack of 500 pieces. A nice stock right away!