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The most beautiful gel polish colour sets from Pink Gellac

Pink Gellac offers an extensive range of different colours of gel polish. So there is the right colour for you for every occasion and mood. Choose from our beautiful gel polish colour sets, or view our individual gel polish colours. You will find something for everyone in our extensive range!

Always new gel nail polish colours

Every year new Pink Gellac nail polish collections are launched in different colours. From summery floral to shiny and elegant. Every Pink Gellac collection is inspired by the latest beauty and fashion trends. As a nail polish enthusiast, do you want to keep up with the times? Well, so do we! A recent gel polish colour set that we at Pink Gellac are proud of is the Uncovered7. This is an authentic, oriental and unique collection. Whether you like glitters, shimmers or a creamy finish, this collection has it all. One of our other pearls from the gel polish colour sets is the Exotic Chaos, a collection that takes you into a jungle of intensely bright summer colours. Perfectly suited for beautiful summer adventures. Another gel polish colour set for the real Pink lover is the V.I.P.2. This contains six iconic shades of pink: from soft Sweet Pink to the popping neon colour Sapphire Pink.

Trendy gel polish with unique themes

What makes Pink Gellac's gel polish colour sets so unique are the unique themes associated with them. Take as an example the timeless Magnificent Collection which consists of five different dark colours. The five trendy colours can be perfectly combined with the fashion trends of the moment. From dark purple to a pink nude. These generous colours should not be missing in your collection! They are colours made with luxury in mind and are reminiscent of autumn with the holidays. This set of gel polish colours are timeless and classic, so you can wear them all year round.

Contemporary and innovative gel polish colour sets

We give you inspiration and colour for every season and want you to get the most out of it. For example, there is the Felicity Collection, for the real spring lover. This gel polish colour set consists of five different soft gel polish colours. They look beautiful on a sun-kissed skin and actually provide a beautiful and natural, fashionable look all year round. Ideal if you could use some spring cheer in the fall! At the same time, we try to make every season unique for you. For the autumn months, for example, we released the Majestic Collection, a powerful colour set inspired by the stylish outfits of our Queen Maxima. This gel polish colour set contains varying shades: from mysterious grey to cheerful pink. Our personal favourite here is the beautiful, timeless Smoked Gray.

Which colour suits you best?

Of course we are happy to think along with you about which colour suits you best. Because with every skin colour a different colour of gel polish looks better (or not). For example, if your skin has a cold undertone (when the veins shine blue through the skin of the hand), a cold colour such as silver will suit it well. If you have a warm undertone skin (olive-coloured), then it lends itself well to warm shades such as brown, red and orange. Do you have a dark skin tone? Then colours like red and purple suit you well.

Not tired?

The possibilities of colours are endless! View the range and be inspired! Order your Pink Gellac before 23:45 and your package will be shipped the same day! Follow Pink Gellac on Facebook and Instagram and share your experiences with us and more than 333,000 Pink Gellac Fans!