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Green gel nail polish - All the green colours you need!

The green gel polish colours of Pink Gellac are the most soothing and relaxing to the eye of all other colours. The green colours remind you of nature and give you an energetic and at the same time relaxed feeling. Green is the colour that naturally combines both tranquillity and energy. Do you choose a dark green colour, or do you prefer a bright green colour on your nails? You decide!

Jungle green gel polish

Are you ready to go on the Dream Nails Expedition? Our Jungle green colour is a dark khaki colour that looks unique time and time again! This wildlife colour is fresh, lively and unique every time. But above all: adventurous! This colour gives you real safari and jungle vibes. What also makes this Jungle Green colour so special is the beautiful satin finish that it gives.

Mermaid green gel polish

Looking for a bit more green and shine? Then the Mermaid green gel polish is really the product you are looking for. This beautiful emerald colour makes itself unique and flashy because of the turquoise shimmers. The base of this gel polish is the green colour, with the shiny glitter finish as a topping! So your nails are suitable for a chic dinner, followed by a wild party!

Perfect colour combinations

Characteristic of Pink Gellac's green colours is that the possibilities for combinations seem endless. You will shine on summer days with the Island Wave collection, inspired by sultry island vibes! But also enjoy the green colour in the Fantasy collection, a gel polish collection that lets your imagination speak for itself. A combination of 6 vibrant colours.

Whether you go for an adventurous shade or a festive glitter tone, you will never get tired of the green colours gellac! Because this colour is always a good colour to combine, or just as a good stand alone gellac.

Green gel polish can also be combined well with these colours

Are you thinking green? Then you quickly think of natural colours. Green goes well with colours such as beige, nude and taupe. With these natural colours you can create an earthy look in no time, perfect for autumn. Do you prefer a softer look? Then combine pastel green with another pastel. A combination of several pastel colours creates a fresh, soft look that makes you happy right away!