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Nail Care - Everything for the best nail care

Pink Gellac not only thinks about which colours suit your nails, but also about the best nail care. Our Nail Care products ensure well-groomed nails and ensure the quality of the gel polish.

All Nail Care products

Here you will find all nail care products with which you can expand your gel nail polish and starter pack. From the cleaner you use to clean your nails, to all our base & top coats. Also consider care products such as manicure tools and our UV lamps. You will find everything for good nail care at Pink Gellac. We also help you remove the gel polish, something that is just as important to do carefully. You can easily remove it yourself and you can do it at home with the gel polish remover. With the special Remover Wraps and Pink Gellac remover, you can remove the gel polish within 10 minutes without damaging your natural nails. Or use the handy Remover Pockets that are already soaked with remover, very easy!

Best selling nail care products

It is important to take care of your nails after using gel polish. At the manicure must-haves you will find many well-selling manicure items for the best nail care. One of our pearls is the Pink Cleaner. With this gel polish cleaner you keep the nails clean. This product is good for good adhesion of the gel polish, and of course a long-lasting beautiful result. The Pink Cleaner is also used to remove the sticky Shine layer after it has cured under the lamp. We also have the Nail Wipes. With this you can easily and quickly clean your nails, and this is completely lint-free. In addition, there is also the Pink Gellac Remover. With this gel polish remover you can remove the Pink Gellac within 10 minutes. A bottle of 100 ml is good for 10 treatments. In short: in our range you will find all the products you need for the best nail care.

The best gel polish lamp

For good nail care it is important that the nails dry well. This is best done with the gel polish dry lamps from Pink Gellac. With these UV lamps with LED light, the nails dry in no time after painting. The sizes of the lamps vary from suitable for only the hand nails, to suitable for an entire foot. Of course we also think of your feet! Try the Premium LED lamp. This lamp switches on automatically as soon as you put your hand or foot under the drying lamp. This lamp also has a removable bottom, ideal for cleaning. Because the bottom is removable, drying your toenails is also much easier!