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Pink gel nail polish - All the Pink gel polish colours you need!

The pink gellac shades of Pink Gellac are soft and give you a sweet, nice and feminine touch. The pink gellac colours make you think of flowers, love and romance. After all, pink is a loving colour. Choose a more playful pink, or do you prefer a soft and light pink on your nails? It is up to you!

Watermelon pink gel polish

Enjoy the summery and always cheerful Watermelon Pink colour by Pink Gellac. A fruity colour that the real gellak fan will love time and time again. This watermelon pink colour has a refreshing juicy tint with a creamy finish. Enjoy the freshness as well as the joy that radiates from this colour!

Diamond pink gel polish

Sometimes you just want that little bit more. A little more glamour on your nails with just a little more wow effect! Then the Diamond Pink is really the right colour for you! This Diamond Pink is a pink glitter gel polish with a holographic effect. The perfect choice for an accent nail, or as a touch up for a nice glamorous effect! What makes this pink colour so special is its glittery finish.

Perfect colour combinations

What makes the colours of the pink shade unique is that they always do well in the many Pink Gellac colour combinations. For example, enjoy the Ruby Pink in the V.I.P. 2 Collection, a beautiful colour combination of different pink shades of Pink Gellac. But also the Nude Pink is a type of pink that returns in the winter collection Uncovered4. Or experience the heavenly Heavenly Pink, which shines beautifully in the Sweet Harmony collection.

The pink shades of gellac never cease to amaze! Because this pink colour is always a good colour to combine with other pink shades, both warm and fresh!

Also check out these colours from Pink Gellac

Do you love striking colours? Then take a look at our popping neon colors. Perfect for a party, but also fun to wear during the day! One of the colours that combines perfectly with pink is purple; a beautiful colour combination for, for example, an ombre nail art. Would you rather go for a French manicure? Then view our white colours. By adding a white edge to your pink nails you ensure an instant fresh look. Another option is to choose our colour sets: different colours in one set, so that you can combine endlessly.