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Gel polish remover - Everything for removing the gel polish

Are you looking for the perfect solution to remove your gel polish? With the gel polish remover from Pink Gellac you can remove your gel polish just as easily as you apply it. Within 30 minutes your nails will be spick and span again. And all that with the right gel polish remover!

How do you remove Pink Gellac with gel polish remover?

The Pink Remover from Pink Gellac is our all time favourite! Are you ready for a new gel polish colour and would you like to have your nails clean? With the gel polish remover from Pink Gellac you can easily remove the gel polish from your nails. Apply the gel polish remover to a Remover Wrap, then wrap it around the nails. Now the gel polish remover can be absorbed. Wait about 10 minutes and get these ‘finger wraps’ in a twisting motion of your fingers. The Pink Gellac has now come loose and can be easily removed with a metal cuticle pusher.

Remove gel polish with Pink Remover Wraps

Removing gel polish is slightly different when using Pink Remover Wraps. These ready-to-use aluminium foil Remover Wraps come with a Nail Wipe. Sprinkle the Pink Remover Wraps with the Pink Remover and wrap the Wraps firmly around the nails. Also remove the wrappers after 10 minutes in a circular motion from the fingers. Remove the Pink Gellac nail polish with an Orange Woodstick or use the metal cuticle pusher.

The benefits of the Pink Remover Wraps

With the Pink Remover Wraps you can easily remove your gel polish. There are many other benefits to the Pink Remover Wraps:

  • The package contains 20 ready-to-use ‘Wraps’
  • The wraps have an attached Nail Wipe
  • They are easy to use
  • The Remover Wraps look professional
  • With these ready-to-use Remover Wraps you save a lot of time when removing your gel polish
  • You use 2x less gel polish with this Remover
  • Suitable for both hands and feet