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Blue gel nail polish - All the blue gel polish colours you need!

The blue gel nail polish colour by Pink Gellac is a cool colour that stands for creativity and intelligence. These blue shades give you a relaxing and above all a calming zen feeling. We like to compare the colour with your favourite trusted jeans. Both have the colour blue that is easy to combine with all other clothes in your closet. The range of blue colours in the assortment is huge, with over 18 colours!

Surfing Blue gel polish

The Surfing Blue gellux colour is a summery classic that does well both before and during the summer! The surfing colour is a blue colour that makes you stand out from all the other beach babes. This shade is the perfect base for your dream holiday. Paint your toe and fingernails with this colour for the beach. This colour makes itself unique with a creamy finish.

Festive Blue gel polish

Are you ready for some more blue and glamour? Then experience the festiveness of Funky Teal gel polish! This unique teal colour has a sparkle finish and radiates from your nails. The combination of the blue colour, combined with the glitter tint, makes this a festive and eye-catching gel polish with a shimmer finish. We at Pink Gellac previously called it the perfect winter colour!

Perfect colour combinations

The blue colours of Pink Gellac can be combined with many other colours of gel polish. On beautiful summer days you will shine with the Delighted Blue in the Cruise collection, a seasonal collection of Pink Gellac colours. But the Classic Blue also shines in the festive Luminous collection. This classic colour brings you elegance and style at showtime!

The blue gellak colours will never bore you! Because apart from the tranquillity that it evokes, it also creates a nice atmosphere for a good party. Something for everyone!

Also check out these shades from Pink Gellac

Did you know that the colours blue and brown go surprisingly well together? Opt for a brown accent on your blue nails for an autumnal look. Prefer a summer nail art? Be inspired by the beautiful colours of a sunset. Colours such as pink, yellow and orange combine perfectly with blue gel polish. Colourful and stylish at the same time!