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The right gel top coat for your nails

A gel top coat is the last layer of gel polish that you apply to your nails. This layer is therefore usually transparent and you spread it over the other gel polish. This way your gel polish stays in place better and it stays beautiful longer. A great example of a good gel polish top coat is the Shine Top Coat. With this sticky top coat your nails get a high gloss result that makes them shine for weeks! Do you like a special finishing touch? Then Top Coats with glitter are just the thing for you. This gives you a festive upgrade to your manicure in no time.

Shine top coat gel polish

We said it before, but the Shine Top Coat is a beautiful top coat from Pink Gellac. This top coat provides strong protection for the gel polish and also adds a beautiful shine to the painted nails. The Shine top coat contains an extra UV filter, which ensures that your painted nails are protected against discolourations caused by sunlight. After curing under the UV lamp, you can easily remove the sticky layer from the Shine top coat with the cleaner!

Ultra Shine top coat gel polish

In addition to the Shine top coat, we also have the Ultra Shine top coat in our range. This is a non-sticky gel top coat with a beautiful ultra gloss result. With this latest gel polish top coat, your nails are even better and longer protected than with the normal Shine top coat. And the Ultra Shine top coat is non-sticky, so you no longer have to remove the sticky gel layer from the nails. With this top coat you're done right away!

Ultra Matte top coat gel polish

Would you like a matte gel polish top coat? The Ultra Matte top coat from Pink Gellac provides an intense matte finish. With this top coat you can give all your favourite gel polish colours a trendy and fashionable matte look. This top coat is non-sticky, so you don't have to clean it afterwards with a cleaner. After curing the gel top coat under the UV lamp, you are ready to go!

Of course there are many more gel polish top coats from Pink Gellac than just the Shine, Ultra Shine and Ultra Matte. View the full range above. Combine the top coat with a primer and base coat for an optimal long-lasting result!