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Gel polish starter pack - Gel polish set with lamp

Do you long for strong and shiny nails? Discover the gel polish set from Pink Gellac. This gel polish starter pack consists of different colours gel nail polish, base and top coats and a LED lamp. Peeling nail polish is now a thing of the past! Enjoy the perfect manicure for 14 days with a gel polish set from Pink Gellac.

Order gel polish starter pack

What can you actually expect when ordering a gel polish starter pack from Pink Gellac? Our wide range ensures that there is a suitable starter package for every budget. With a gel polish starter set you will experience the feeling as if you had your nails done in a real nail salon! Choose a gel polish starter set that suits you. Put together your own gel polish set with your favourite colours, or choose from the packages we have put together. You get the Pink Gellac app for free, just like the online tutorials with useful tips for perfect nails. The shipment of a gel polish starter package is free from €40. Are you not convinced of Pink Gellac within 30 days? That's a pity, but no problem at all. You can return the gel polish starter set free of charge within 30 days.

Gel polish starter sets with all kinds of colours

The gel polish starter sets from Pink Gellac come in all kinds of colours and sizes! Choose from more than 200 colours and paint your nails in the perfect colour for every occasion. Match your nails to the current season and choose summer yellow or autumn brown. Fall in love with the Elegant Starter Pack, the natural Neutral Sense, the dazzling Dashing Glace and the Premium sets with Elegant or Nude colours. In addition, there are also the gel polish sets to put together yourself with your favourite colours. Choose a package consisting of four colours of your choice plus a pink colour. Or choose the Starter package Premium XL with a Large lamp and no less than seven colours of your choice.

Gel polish set with lamp

The gel polish starter packs are supplied with an accompanying LED lamp. The nails dry well under this special lamp and Pink Gellac comes into its own. Thanks to the fast drying, you benefit from strong and shiny lacquered nails for 14 days, without the gel polish coming loose or chipping. The lamps can be used for drying fingernails as well as toenails. The basic starter packs (M) have a medium-sized lamp and the premium gel polish sets (L) have a larger lamp. Do you already have gel polish supplies at home and don't need an extensive gel polish set with lamp? Our gel polish lamps are also available separately.

Professional gel polish starter pack

Pink Gellac stands for high quality gel nail polish. Although you paint and dry the nails at home, you experience the feeling of being in a nail salon. Our gel polish and lamps are actually used in professional salons. The contents of the starter pack are quick to use. Read all about applying gel nail polish here. In addition, each gel polish starter set contains everything you need for a good preparation. A gel polish starter pack contains a Prep Booster, a base coat, manicure supplies, remover wipes and cleaner wipes. In short: everything you need for the perfect nail care!