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The best base coat gel polish for your nails!

Base coat is a layer that you apply before applying the gel polish. This way the gel polish does not get into the nails. One of our base coats is the Base Extend. This gel polish base coat can be soaked off quickly and ensures that your nail polish lasts longer. The thicker substance keeps your nails extra strengthened, so that your gel polish stays beautiful for longer.

Rubber Base Coat

Pink Gellac has a wide range of base coats. The Rubber Base Coat is a nice part of that. This gel polish base coat is water resistant and has a high degree of viscosity, or viscosity. This base coat provides more strength to the nails. This variant is available in several beautiful colours. For example, there is the refreshing Rubber Base Cover Frosted Pink. A rubber base with a fresh tint that gives a classy feeling. But don't forget the elegant Rubber Base Cover Rose Beige. A beautiful base coat gel polish that is reminiscent of a rose: subdued and at the same time a feast for the eyes.

Base2 Coat

Another best seller from Pink Gellac is the Base2. This is a widely sold gel polish base coat with added nutrients. Ideal for the somewhat weaker and porous nail. Because of the unique formula of the Base2, the nails do not discolour. In addition, this base coat contains vitamin E, B5 and calcium. In this way, the growth of the nails is promoted. What makes the Base2 even more unique is that the base coat not only ensures good adhesion of the polish, but also contributes to making the gel polish easy to remove!

Peel Off Base Coat

Make it easy on yourself with the Pink Gellac Peel Off Base Coat. With this base coat you can easily remove the gel polish from your nails. So you no longer need remover and you no longer have to soak your nails. The Peel Off gel polish can only be used in combination with our Prep Booster. After the Prep Booster, apply the Peel Off Base Coat. Paint over this with your colour of choice. Do you want to try another colour? Just peel it off and your nails are ready for the next manicure!

You can buy the best gel polish base coat at Pink Gellac

Pink Gellac keeps up with the times and brings you the latest formulas for the best gel polish base coats. Are you looking for a gel polish base coat that is 100% vegan and HEMA-free? Then choose our Base. This promotes painting and also ensures the most optimal adhesion of the gel polish. With this base coat you can enjoy beautifully painted nails for 14 days. You can easily remove the gel polish from your nails in just 8 minutes. For the most optimal result, it is good to apply the Base with the Prep Booster!

The benefits of Pink Gellac Base

  • Contains an advanced vegan formula
  • HEMA-free
  • The Base is cured in 60 seconds under a UV lamp
  • Soak off in just 8 minutes