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White gel polish - all white colours from Pink Gellac

Are you ready for a refreshing white and radiant colour on your nails? White colours from Pink Gellac are simple, cool and clean! The white colour also looks clean and neat on your nails. So your appearance with this nail polish is fresh, sparkling and radiant!

Soft White gel polish

The Soft White colour by Pink is already a true classic that continues to do well time and time again! The Soft White is a white gel polish that creates beautiful white nails. This white colour is a perfect basis for the most creative and cool Nail Arts. Also for creating the classic French Manicure. What makes the Soft White so special is the creamy finish that it gives.

Festive white gel polish

Do you need something more? Then of course there is always such a thing as festive white! The Confetti Cream is really the festive colour that is missing from your nail polish collection. The base is of course white, but as an extra touch there are glitters that make your nails festive. At Pink Gellac we get confetti cake vibes from it. Little tip: roll the bottle in the palms of your hands for 30 seconds. This will warm up the liquid and the glitters will spread even better through the bottle.

Perfect colour combinations

What is unique about the white colours is that they are suitable for many colour combinations. For example, the Vanilla Cream shines in the Uncovered7 Colourbox, a beautiful autumn collection of Pink Gellac colours. But also see the Sugar White gel polish shine in the spring collection Candy Couture. This sugar white colour shines like the biggest crystals and does well among this sweet collection that feels like a sweet shop!

On the white colour gellac you will never get bored! Because this colour is always a good colour to combine, or just as a good stand alone gel polish.

White gel polish can also be combined nicely with these colours

White gel polish is perfect as a base to create the most beautiful nail art. For example, combine your favorite white colour with one of our red variants: perfect for the holidays! Do you prefer a fresh look? Then a combination with our blue or green gellacs is suitable for you. White with green or blue looks nice and summery and is therefore a beautiful colour combination on sunny days. At Pink Gellac we also have different black colours. In combination with white you create the most beautiful geometric nail art.