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Black gel nail polish - All the black Pink Gellac gel polish you need!

The black Pink Gellac colours are mysterious and offer your nails a strong and intense colour. The black gellanic colours are seen as strong, elegant and sophisticated. Black is a tough and clean colour and radiates professionalism. Do you choose a sleek matte black, or do you prefer some glitter full colour on your nails? You are the boss!

Beautiful black gel polish

The black Beautiful black colour of Pink is a colour that really goes well with everything. The Beautiful black falls namely with every colour to combine. Be a professional business woman and shine with this colour. Or get noticed during a chic dinner or a gala. Either way, this black shade will suit you no matter the situation or location.

Diamond black gel polish

Sometimes you just need a little bit more! A little more glamour on your nails with even more glitter effect! Then the Glitterize Black is really the perfect gel polish for you! This glitter polish is a black glitter polish with a shiny effect. The perfect choice for an accent nail, or as a touch up for a nice glamorous effect! What makes this festive colour pink is the shiny glitter finish.

Perfect colour combinations

As we already mentioned, black can be combined with any colour. That's why the colour combinations are also available in large numbers. Discover for example the festive Glamourize collection in which the black glitter colour shines and parades. But also the autumn collection Reminiscence can absolutely not be missed when we talk about successful combinations. This combination of autumn colours never disappoints!

You never get tired of the black colours of Pink Gellac! Because this colour, just like its opposite white, is always a good colour to combine, or just as a good stand-alone gel polish.

Combine black gel polish with more colours

Do you want to try something different than just your black gel polish? Combine your black nail polish with other colours of gel polish. Do you want to make an extra impression with your painted nails? For example, black combines well with neon colours. Experiment with striking neon coloured nail polish such as a bright yellow gel polish and our neon gel polish 'Dancing green'. Are you more a fan of shades of blue? Alternate your black painted nails with our transparent blue nail polish. For a bold and bold look, a red gel nail polish like Tangerine Red with a creamy finish is a perfect colour choice. Is red a little too intense for you? Then choose the combination of black gel polish with pink gel polish. Pink and black make a golden formula! Catch your eye on a timeless shade of pink with purple undertones like Pink Gellac's Vintage Rose. Going to a party and want to go all-out when it comes to nail polish? Try the pink glitter gel polish Paradise Pink. The glossy finish makes this nail polish extra stylish and a perfect match with your glitter top or dress!