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Red gel nail polish - All the red Pink Gellac colours you need!

The red Pink Gellac colours are soft and give you a sweet, nice and feminine touch. The red Pink Gellac colour is fiery and is the perfect shade for love and passion. An intense red gellak colour immediately attracts your attention and is the perfect cherry on top of your outfit!

Cheerful Red gel polish

Cheerful Red by Pink Gellac is a red shade of gel polish that continues to appeal time and time again. Atmospheric, powerful and elegant at the same time. The shade Cheerful Red is a commonly used colour in starter sets and combinations. With this bright red gel polish you can create beautiful red nails and also contribute to a nice addition to your nail art. This shade contains a pleasant warm undertone, topped off with a creamy finish!

Rockstar red gel polish

Looking for a slightly tougher shade of red? Then the Rockstar Red from Pink Gellac really suits you! This red colour is mixed with small glitters, which makes for a shiny tip of the top! This colour challenges you to make the most of it. This bold colour is the perfect partner in crime. It will help you finish your edgy look!

The most beautiful red colour combinations

The red gellac colours are easy to combine and therefore appear in many combinations of Pink Gellac. A good example is the Reminiscence collection! A composition of 4 colours that perfectly match your autumn wardrobe. The red colours of Pink Gellac are also represented in the Rebellion collection. A beautiful collection for the holidays. Are you in for a party? Then the red colour in the Glamourize collection is the colour you are looking for!

As you can see, the red colour goes with everything, regardless of the hue and tone. Experience, discover and enjoy!

Combine red gel polish with these colours

Red gel polish combines perfectly with glitter. Festive and chic at the same time! For example, go for red with gold or grey: the colour combinations for the holidays. Do you not like glitter, but do you like a festive look? By combining red with white you create beautiful playful nail art.