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Matching with your mini me: Pink Gellac Mini Nail Polish

Do you want to match with your mini-me? Well, now you can! We're excited to introduce Pink Gellac Kids Nail Polish to our family. Specifically designed for children, we've created 5 complementary peel-off kids nail polishes shades together with 2 limited edition sets. There is also a cute hair tie attached to the bottle as a little extra!

From What Age Can Kids Wear Nail Polish?

Kids can start wearing our nail polish from the age of 3. At this age, their nails are generally strong enough for polish, and it's a fun way for them to express their creativity. We do advice that the nail polish is always applied under adult supervision.

How to use Pink Gellac Kids Nail Polish?

Apply the Pink Gellac Kids Nail Polish just like regular nail polish - thin layers on bare nails. Let it dry carefully for 4-5 minutes and repeat if desired.

Is Kids Nail Polish safe?

The Kids Nail Polishes are 100% Vegan & HEMA free, which makes it safe to use for children. The water based formula ensures no need for chemical removers that harm nails.

How to remove Kids Nail Polish?

As the Pink Gellac Mini Nail Polishes are created with a special peel-off formula, they don't require chemicals for removal. When removing, you can simply peel it off like a sticker. Got Kids Nail Polish on your clothes? No worries! Since it's water based, you can easily clean it from your clothing or furniture.

Kids Nail Polish Set

Who wouldn't want to match with their mini-me? We've introduced 5 complementary nail polish shades that align with our existing range, including 2 new limited edition sets. The 5 colours are 240 Salmon, 324 Lotus Lila, 341 Watermelon Pink, and the newest additions: 403 Pinky Promise and 404 Minty Moments.