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Gold gel polish - all the gold gel polish colours you need!

The golden gel polish colours of Pink Gellac are soft and give you an elegant, fashionable and luxurious touch. These golden and warm colours are the jewels on your nails. The golden gel polish on your nails shines and glitters like shiny golden rings. Gold painted nails can be perfectly combined with for example a black dress to get you ready for a party! Do you go for classy diva gold, or do you like a splashing colour gold on your nails? You decide!

Diva Gold gel polish

With the Diva Gold colour of Pink Gellac you steal the show. This sparkling gold is in itself already amazing. But it also gives an extra party-touch when you apply it over one of the other Pink Gellac colours! This gold colour is perfect for the holidays but can be worn all year round for a glamorous finishing touch on your nails!

Gossip gold gel polish

Are you ready for more colour in your gold? Not just a little more, but really more colour? Then experience the effect of the Gossip Gold gel polish by Pink Gellac. With this colourful gold gel polish, you immerse yourself in a colourful atmosphere! The Gossip Gold has a beautiful holographic effect for an enchanting look. It also offers you a shiny Touch Up colour, to give your nail polish colour an extra glamorous finish!

Gold colour combinations

A great thing about the golden colours is that they are suitable for many colour combinations. For example, the Gossip Gold shines in the Rebellion collection, a beautiful collection of Pink Gellac colours for the holidays. But also see the Crushed Gold gellac shine in the party collection Devotion. These sparkling colours will make you shine at every party! 

You will never get tired of the golden gellac colours! Because this colour is always a good colour to combine, or just as a good stand alone polish.

Golden Gellac also fits very nicely with these colours

Pink Gellac's golden gel polishes are ideal for combining with other colours. For example, a classic combination of colours is gold and black; a timeless combination that will always appeal to everyone's taste. You can also opt for the gold with grey variant to give your nails a beautiful look. Would you like to do something completely different with your nails? Then combine Pink Gellac's golden gel polish with one of our red gel polishes! Our white gel polishes make a chic addition to gold nail polish. Ideal if you have to go to a wedding!