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Glitter gel polish - all the Pink gel polish colours you need!

The glitter colours of Pink Gellac are radiant and offer you the flashy, sparkling and glowing touch that you and your nails deserve. A glitter is the ideal finishing touch for a festive occasion. Combine your glitter gel polish with your perfect dress to complete your outfit. With glitter gel polish on your nails you will be the centre of attention. The glitter gel polish of Pink Gellac can also be combined with nail art to complete your designs. Do you opt for an elegant black colour, or for gossip gold? You decide on the look!

Luxury Gold gel polish

The Luxury Gold colour of Pink is a golden shade of gel polish with which you can create the most beautiful golden gel nails. This colour brings you a radiant layer on your polished nails. Apply the Luxury Gold over another Pink Gellac colour for a festive touch for your nails. This way, your nails will shine just as bright. Try, experience and enjoy this colour gel polish!

Bedazzled Purple gel polish

Are you ready for more colour in your life and nails? Not just a little more, but really more colour? Experience the effect of the Bedazzled Purple gel polish by Pink Gellac. With this colourful glitter gellanque, you immerse yourself in a colourful atmosphere! Bedazzled Purple is the ultimate combination of pink, purple and gold glitters for an enchanting look. It also offers you a shiny Touch Up colour, to give your nail polish colour an extra glamorous finish!

Perfect colour combinations

What is unique about the glitter colours is that they fit into many combinations of colours. For example, Bedazzled Purple shines in the Disco Glam, a festive disco collection of different Pink Gellac glitter colours. But also discover the popular Glitterize Black in the always radiant Glamourize collection. This collection consists of 3 colours, ideal for the most beautiful party. This collection is both festive and glamorous.

There is a lot of choice in the range of glitter gel polish colours. Whatever your choice is, you will definitely stand out!

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