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Lilac gel polish - All the lilac gel polish colours you need!

Are you ready for some more playful colours for your nails? The lilac colour gel polish from Pink Gellac offers you the lotus colours you are looking for! These colours contain a warm purity. The shades of lilac contain cool undertones and a creamy finish. These gel polish colours have a beautiful and long-lasting effect.

Lotus lilac gel polish

Meet the cheerful and playful Lotus Lilac gel polish. This warm colour of a Lotus flower is much more unique than the regular purple colours. This cheerful and familiar colour surprises time and again. Because in addition to the warmth, this colour contains cool undertones and a creamy finish. Enjoy these heavenly colours on your nails. The Lotus Lila colour from Pink Gellac gives you a cream/satin look!

Soft and sweet lilac gel polish

Among the lilac shades of Pink Gellac are also very sweet and soft tones (if they weren't already). For example, enjoy the Precious Lilac. Fresh, Fancy and Fabulous. What else are you looking for? But the Baby Lila is also extremely suitable. This colour from Pink Gellac is a soft, baby lilac colour with a slight sparkle. With this you create beautiful romantic nails. Apply Baby Lilac over another colour for a romantic touch.

Blossom collection

The lilac colour shades of Pink Gellac have been combined with other matching colours in the unique spring Blossom collection. This gel polish collection consists of 4 types of pastel spring colours, combined with normal colours. From lilac purple to a unique pastel blue colour. Embrace spring with this delightful collection.

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Our range of gel polish is huge. So check out one of the other colours in addition to the lilac gel polish! For example, if you like lilac gel polish, we think that yellow gel polish will also appeal to you! The colour gold is more than suitable for a real chic look. For lovers of a more modest, but no less beautiful colour nail polish, the colours beige and taupe are very suitable. View the full colours overview and choose the colour that suits you!