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Taupe gel nail polish - All the taupe gel polish colours you need!

Are you ready for some more taupe colours on your nails? The various grey-brown colours of Pink Gellac give you the taupe shades you're looking for. These colour shades are stylish and give you and your nails a natural look. The taupe shades are trendy, elegant and at the same time timeless. These stylish gel polish colours shine beautifully in every light, but above all keep it modest.

Natural Taupe gel polish

Keep it all natural baby. Meet the classy Natural Taupe gel polish. This natural nail polish is ideal for every situation. With this taupe colour you make sure that your nails are beautiful, and at the same time do not stand out at all. And yet you enjoy your nails because the effect on your nails is in 1 word beautiful.

Burnt Taupe gel polish

The Burnt Taupe colour by Pink Gellac is the darkest colour from the range of taupe shades. Although this taupe gel polish is darker than the other taupe shades, it should not be missing from your Pink Gellac collection. What makes this colour so special is the fact that this nail polish matches every skin tone and every outfit. You will always score with this!

Uncovered starter pack

Pink Gellac's taupe colours have been put together with other beautiful colours in the popular Uncovered starter pack. This package contains everything you need for the best gel polish manicure. It includes a large LED lamp that is suitable for hands and feet. But of course it also includes a taupe colour, in combination with colours with the same natural effect.

Whatever your choice, with the range of taupe colours and shades from Pink Gellac you are always on the right track!

Combining Taupe gel polish with the following colours

Taupe gel polish can be perfectly combined with the various colours from our assortment. For example, a stylish option is to alternate this gel polish with white gel polish. A more daring combination is the one with gold or red gel polish. Looking for a colour that is very similar to the taupe? Then beige gel polish can also appeal to you.