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Nude gel nail polish - All the nude gel polish colours you need!

With the nude gel nail polish colours of Pink Gellac you always have a winner! Nude colours are natural and give you well-groomed nails that really suit every look. The nude gel polish colours of Pink Gellac are unique, but all have 1 common denominator: the natural touch. Do you go for the classic vintage nude, are you more into blush orange, or do you prefer a bit more shine in your nude gel polish? You decide!

Vintage nude gel polish

The Vintage Nude colour of the nude colours is and remains a true classic that keeps scoring well time and time again! This classic old school nude makes you think of the glamorous Hollywood style. This nail polish looks natural, but at the same time this natural look stands out. What gives Vintage Nude the tip of the top is the creamy finish that it gives!

Golden glam polish

Do you like the nude touch, but still want that extra shiny finish? Meet the high class Golden glam polish! This nude gel polish is really the festive touch that is missing in your Pink Gellac collection. This Golden glam is really for the glamourist among us. It is also perfect for a classic nail art with a touch of glitter. The Golden glam is also perfect if you want to give another colour an extra layer of glamour!

Natural nude colour combinations

The nice thing about Pink Gellac's nude colours is that they are suitable for many colour combinations. The Sparkling Nude shines in the Uncovered4 Colourbox, a winter collection of Pink Gellac nude colours. But also see the Charming Nude gellak shine in the cheerful Blossom collection. These colours sparkle heavenly and really come into their own in the lovely spring months. A joy to behold!

Pink Gellac's nude colours are natural and at the same time stylish and trendy. You will never get tired of these colours! Because nude is always a good shade to combine, or just as a good stand-alone gel polish. All natural!

Discover all the colours of Pink Gellac

Although nude-coloured nail polish can be used for various occasions, you sometimes want something different. Nude gel polish is excellent to combine with a warm colour such as orange. Give your nails a summery touch with a gel polish colour like Glamorous Peach. This orange colour has a subtle golden sheen and accentuates a tanned skin. Do you prefer a more neutral look? Experiment with our timeless nude and gray nail polish. A shade of grey such as Lady Gray from our Lollypop collection will complement any outfit.