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Foot care with Pink Gellac gel nail polish

Well-groomed feet with beautifully polished nails are a must for anyone who values an elegant appearance! Whether for your summer sandals, for spending time at the pool or sauna, or simply for your personal well-being, you can give your toenails a consistently radiant and long-lasting pedicure with Pink Gellac. Our special formula with matching base coat, a large selection of gel polish colours, and a variety of top coats, together with curing the gel polish under our UV LED lamps, guarantees glossy nails for weeks. This combination of the best of both worlds gives you beautifully groomed toenails with the durability of gel nails and the simplicity and colour variety of classic nail polish, making it ideal for the perfect pedicure!

Pedicure with gel nail polish: minimum effort, maximum radiant effect!

A pedicure with gel nails has many advantages. It can be hard to find the time to replace chipped or dull nail polish, especially if you have an active lifestyle. Thanks to the perfectly matched components, a gel-polish pedicure not only maintains a continuously high gloss, it also impresses with its particularly long durability. Because toenails grow more slowly than fingernails, a Pink Gellac pedicure lets you enjoy up to four weeks of perfectly groomed nails in just 3 easy steps. This saves time as well as effort. After curing under the UV lamp, Pink Gellac nail polish is immediately dry and resilient, so you don’t have to worry about denting or otherwise damaging your polish, and you can even slip directly into closed-toe shoes, for example.

Gel-polish pedicure in all colours and designs

Gel-polish pedicures are not only impressive because of their durability, they also offer maximum variety in designing your nails with a wide range of colours and polish finishes like glitter, or a velvety or satin look. With Pink Gellac, you can easily create exactly the nail design you want on your toenails. Whether you like neon colours, summer shades, classic red or extravagant designs with multiple colours, Pink Gellac’s wide variety of gel nail polishes offer you a large selection to suit your personal taste. A top coat with gold, silver, or colourful glitter adds extra sparkle!

Long-lasting pedicure in just 3 steps

A pedicure with gel nail polish is just as easy as a gel-nail manicure. Thanks to Pink Gellac’s special large UV lamp for feet, you can comfortably cure your polished toenails and enjoy several weeks of perfectly groomed toenails with glossy polish. Start your gel-polish pedicure by cleaning your nails and applying the Prep Booster. You can then apply the special Pink Gellac base coat. It cures in just 60 seconds under the UV lamp, then you can start applying a very thin layer of your favourite nail polish! With our colour collections or collection sets, we’ve put together the perfect combination of different harmonising gel polish colours for you to choose from. After the colour polish has cured, the top coat follows as the final layer and you’re finished!

Pink Gellac also offers everything else you need to care for your fingernails and toenails - from rich cuticle care to gentle nail files, nail recovery polish, and our mild remover for easily removing your gel-polish pedicure. Enjoy well-groomed feet and nails all year long with Pink Gellac.