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French Manicure Gel Polish

Looking for all the tools you need for a French Manicure? With a French Manicure, you give your nails a beautiful natural colour, topped off with a clean white border. Find out which tools and supplies you should use.

Cleaning nails for your French Manicure

Good preparation is key! It is good to file your nails into shape to keep the natural nail shine. This is best done with the Polishing Block of Pink Gellac. Another thing we recommend is to choose for the Vegan Prep Booster. This Prep Booster removes all excess fat and moisture from your nails. And don't forget our Cleaner!

French Pink for the best French Manicure

As a neutral French Manicure colour, we recommend the French Pink from Pink Gellac. The French Pink is the basis for a classic French Manicure and is ideal for neutral painted nails. The pink colour has a beautiful creamy and satin finish. We also do not want to withhold the Soft White gel polish colour. With this colour you can create a white border that finishes off the artwork on your nails. Use the French Manicure Brush and the Cleaner to make the white border even tighter.

Finishing off the French Manicure

Last but not least, a good topcoat for your French Manicure is also very important! The Vegan Shine Topcoat is a sticky topcoat that provides a high gloss result that makes your painted nails shine for weeks. It is essential to harden the nails in between and afterwards under a suitable lamp. Take a look at all our lamps, from large to small, and choose which one suits you best!

Also check out these colours from Pink gellac

Curious about the other colours in our colour sets? At Pink Gellac you will find cheerful and daring colours, such as blooming or pearl. With our french manicure you take care of your nails in a professional way and from A to Z. At Pink Gellac you will always find the colour nail polish that suits you!

Curious about how to do the French Manicure? Read our tips and tricks where we explain step by step how to do it!