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Decade of Pink

Decade of Pink


After ten years, still the same spirit: we stand among the users

Giving beauty enthusiasts the creative freedom to show who they are. Pink Gellac stands for self-expression, allowing users to show their true colours.

That's what Pink Gellac has been doing since the founders came up with the idea ten years ago at a Dutch kitchen table to make the world a bit more colourful. With that, we were pioneers. At a time when Kylie Jenner was a teenager worried that her older sister would become 'the coolest one in the family' and Instagram was still an unknown platform, the founders of Pink Gellac saw the power of self-expression and the potential of an important tool in achieving that: gel nail polish.

From day one, nail stylists saw the quality and creative possibilities of gel polish, inspiring countless users at home to create truly stunning nail designs with the sets and soon numerous colours from Pink Gellac.

In recent years, Pink Gellac has grown into a thriving and serious business, and we are working hard to make Pink Gellac the leading premium nail brand in Europe. We not only sell more online, but also open real stores; with these Pink Gellac Colour Boutiques, we bring colour to the shopping streets. In the Netherlands, but also beyond.

A lot has changed in ten years, but one thing remains the same: the spirit of Pink Gellac. We stand among the users, who determine the end result themselves and remain the cornerstone of everything we do. We don't talk to the user, but with the user. And the users? They mainly talk a lot with each other. Because it's clear, gel polish offers countless possibilities to show who you are. Thus, a small group of fans has grown into a large Pink Gellac community that finds each other, wherever we are active. That fanbase is the foundation of our company, the driving force behind our brand.

Whoever is celebrating a birthday treats. We do that with a gift to Pink Ribbon. So, we celebrated our anniversary with a tour through the Netherlands and Belgium. In our Pink Gellac truck, hundreds of people had their nails painted by our special 'Lakwerk team' for a small fee with our latest colours. All the money we raised was donated to Pink Ribbon and is used for more breast cancer research.

Pink Gellac

About Pink Gellac

Pink Gellac's mission is to bring salon-quality gel nail polish to consumers at home. Since its establishment in 2023, the company has become one of the leading premium nail care brands in Europe, thanks to several strong pillars. The Pink Gellac collection comprises over 250 gel nail polish colours, with a new collection of 5 colours launching every month.

Operating with a digital-first strategy, the Dutch company's products are now available in 6 European countries ans the United States. To support its online presence, Pink Gellac has established 10 brand stores, inlcuding in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bruges, Eindhoven, Groningen, The Mall of the Netherlands, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Wijnegem. These Pink Gellac Colour Boutiques offer customers inspiration, advice, and the complete brand experience.

In 2023, the company's revenue increased by 60 percent, and with 800.000 orders annually, it has become a serious player. Despite the rapid growth, Pink Gellac's initial spirit remains unchanged: the company stands among the users of the gel polish, who determine the end result themselves and remain central to everything they do. The brand thrives on the strenght of the Pink Gellac community - a community that grows day by day, becoming more international, and now boasting nearly half a million followers.

Pink Gellac has been owned by investor Vendis Capital since 2021.