Nail Foundation
Nail Foundation

Nail Foundation

15 ml

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Super nail polish, the nails look beautiful and well-groomed after application.Simply great the nail foundation:))

Katrin ( 208 days ago )

Your nails will quickly look beautiful and cared for again

Yvonne Koolen ( 213 days ago )

Because my nails are very weak, this is good there. It is going in the right direction so the rest can start using it.

Brattinga ( 468 days ago )


Marijke ( 472 days ago )

Nice product.Do ff 2x varnish otherwise it is not really opaque but certainly a good caregiver

mapa ( 476 days ago )

I myself have not tried this N og, but my daughter has 👍

Marina ( 518 days ago )

Wonderful for cuticles

Amelung ( 525 days ago )