The perfect nail prep routine in 6 steps

Prep your nails for gel polish

Does your gel polish manicure easily come off and does it regularly break off small pieces of polish? Or does it look like there's air under the polish? Maybe you forgot one of the steps in the nail prep or you went a bit too fast. A careful prep is half the battle. Take your time with it. The Pink Gellac products are well-matched and form one system. Walk through these steps for a good Prep Routine and we guarantee your success.

Everything you need for a good prep

  • Orange Woodstick
  • 100/180 grit Nail File
  • Polishing Block
  • Cleaner
  • Prep Booster
  • Optional: Hygienic spray for a dust-free place to paint your nails

Before you start the prep

Avoid water! Moisture in the nail makes the Base Coat adhere less well and for a shorter time. Make sure not to wet your hands for one hour before applying the Base Coat.

Step 1: Push back the nail beds

This is easily done with the Orange wood stick. By doing this step properly you can paint as close to the cuticle as possible and your nails will immediately look longer.

Step 2: Filing and roughening the nails

Now file your nails into shape with a 100/180 grit nail file. For the longest-lasting gel nails, polish your nails with the polishing block. Polishing your nails will remove any dead skin cells and grease. Keep going until your nails are not shiny anymore.

Step 3: Making the nails dust-free

It is now time to dust your nails. The manicure brush removes the dust that was generated during filing and polishing. The firm bristles of the brush easily release the dust along the cuticles.

Step 4: Cleaning the work surface

The nails may be clean, but it is just as important that the work surface is clean and sanitised. Clean your home salon simply and quickly with our handy Hygienic Spray.

Step 5: Degreasing

Degreasing the nails is an important step if you want the manicure to stick properly. Therefore, degrease the nails thoroughly with our Cleaner in combination with a Nail Wipe.

Step 6: Prep Booster

The Prep Booster is the best way to finish your prep routine. It draws the last remnants of superfluous fat and moisture from your nails. This makes the manicure from Pink Gellac adhere even better. Apply the liquid to the entire nail and let it air dry for 30 seconds.

And that’s it: Your nails are ready for a pop of colour!