30 April 24

Top 10 Gel Polish Colours for Spring 2024

Spring is the season of renewal and freshness, and this is reflected in the colours we choose for our gel polish. It's time to give your nails a fresh update with the trend colours that define this season. We'd like to highlight 10 colours that are indispensable this season and tell you which gel polish colours are a perfect match.

1. Light Denim Blue

Pastels are quintessential for spring, and a perennial favourite is baby blue. It's a classic that you must have in your collection and it reappears almost every spring. This year, we are seeing variations of brighter baby blue, but greyish undertones now seem to be predominant.

Here’s our top choice: 300 Light Blue. Two other options that also fit beautifully are the classic 266 Baby Blue and the slightly lighter 187 Brilliant Blue.

Pink Gellac

2. Powdery Lilac

Lilac is another colour that is a staple as the first signs of spring appear. This year, just like with pastel blue, subtle grey undertones are taking the lead. It tends more towards a powdery lavender. The perfect match for this description is 288 Lily Lilac.

Pink Gellac

3. Butter Yellow

Not long ago, we dedicated an entire blog explicitly to this colour. We're talking about a soft yellow colour. Although subtle, it adds a playful look and in a way adds ‘sun’ to a manicure. All in all, butter yellow is a staple in trend books. Our favourite for this trend is 287 Joyous Yellow.

Pink Gellac

4. Orange

Following yellow, orange is also a staple in the trend books for 2024. This citrus colour is seen in so many variations: from apricot to deep terracotta. Our 379 Terra Orange fits perfectly here, offering a beautiful middle ground. Also, our 327 Mandarin Orange is a stunning shade.

Pink Gellac

5. Pistachio Green

For a fresh, lively look, go for green this season. Both in clothing and in nails, pistachio green and variations thereof are popular.

Our favourites are 390 Chilled Lime, 284 Spring Green, and the Limited Edition 406 Exotic Lime. This last one adds that extra touch with a beautiful metallic finish.

Pink Gellac

6. Light Salmon Shades

Subtle salmon shades are completely in and cannot be missed. They bring a warm glow that perfectly matches the blossoming nature and longer days. Our best match is 286 Serenity Orange. This colour combines salmon with a hint of peach, which makes it completely perfect.

Pink Gellac

7. Navy Blue

A more surprising shade for spring, but no less beautiful. Deep blue shades are also often seen. Instead of harsh black, it's better to go for dark blue. The best choices here are 338 Classic Blue and 263 Indigo. Just a bit darker and different from the pastel shades, but all two are super elegant. Colours that suits any outfit.

Pink Gellac

8. Soft Pink

Our perpetual spring favourite and now actually a classic colour that can go through the whole year, but that is a soft pink colour. It adds a subtle romantic flair to any look and suits any outfit. It almost falls into the nude category. This gel polish colour can be worn semi-transparent or fully opaque.

For milky nails, we recommend 388 Rosewater Pink, and for more coverage, 398 Sakura Pink. The latter already refers to the beautiful forms of blossom that characterise our spring.

Pink Gellac

9. Turquoise

We see a lot of softer shades this spring, but turquoise still stood out for us. This is an excellent choice for someone who wants something a bit more striking. The best turquoise shade for this year's spring lookbook is 211 Tiffany Blue. Surprising, but super fun in our opinion.

Pink Gellac

10. Army Green

As a variation on pistachio green, army green is also a colour we see a lot. Here, we again see some subtle grey undertones.

The perfect option is the rugged 115 Army Green that matches this description. It contains a subtle sheen that makes the colour extra interesting. If you're not into shimmer, then go for 316 Jungle Green.

Pink Gellac

These 10 colours are indispensable this spring. Experiment with these shades and add your personal touch. Enjoy this season full of colour!