28 July 21

Nail Art Brushes

6 high quality nail art tools, specially developed for creating the most beautiful nail art and designs. These tools are indispensable for every Nail Art lover, both beginners and professionals! All brushes are of course ideal to use in combination with the nail art palette.

1. Fan Brush
With the Fan Brush you can easily apply speckled patterns. Dip the Fan Brush into the gel polish and apply it to the nail while stippling. Thanks to the fan shape of this brush, loose glitter is also easy to apply!

2. Detail Brush
Picasso on your nails? Create clean, thin lines with the Detail Brush. This way you can effortlessly apply detailed designs to your nails.

3. Dotting Tool
The must have for every Nail Art lover: the Dotting Tool. With a Dotting Tool you can easily make dots. Both sides of the Dotting Tool have a spherical end, so you can work with different sizes in no time.

4. Flat Brush
The Flat Brush is perfect for filling and colouring larger areas, setting clean, broad lines, but also for the one-stroke technique.


5. French Manicure Brush
From now on, a classic French Manicure or a Color French is super easy to create! Thanks to the slanted shape of this brush, you can easily apply a French Manicure smile-line.


6. Nail Art Palette
Last but not least: The Nail Art Palette. All brushes are of course ideal to use in combination with this palette.