29 April 24

10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Pink Gellac

What’s a great gift for Mother’s Day? Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can sometimes be a real challenge. At times, it's hard to see the wood for the trees, or Mother’s Day gifts might feel a bit cliché, but we’re excited to list 10 original Mother’s Day gifts from Pink Gellac for you.

Top 10 Mother's Day gifts

1. Starter Set with Gift Wrapping Sleeve

Is applying gel polish new to your mother? Or could she use an upgrade? Then opt for one of our starter sets. Available from just 49 euros, these sets include everything you need to apply and remove a salon-worthy manicure. This is the perfect starting point for a new hobby and also super fun to do together with her.

Selected premium sets are now available with a 20 euro discount using the code SET20. And on top of that, you can choose to have it gift-wrapped at checkout.

Pink Gellac

2. Mini Manicure Set

How adorable are these new ‘mini manicures’ sets?! Available in two different soft colours: light blue and light pink with a subtle metallic sheen. These sets contain a newly released gel polish colour along with a matching air-dry nail polish. Packaged in a beautiful round limited edition box, along with a file and toe separators for mini and mommy. The nail polishes are our latest innovation in nail care and feature an extra gentle peel-off formula. Pick your favourite! Suitable for use by (grand)children and on toes.

Polishes are available both in the set (29 euros) and individually.

Pink Gellac

3. Mini Manicure Set Lotus Lila, Salmon or Watermelon Pink

In addition to these two latest colours, we’ve also released matching nail polishes for three Pink Gellac classics: 240 Salmon, 324 Lotus Lila, and 341 Watermelon Pink. Super fun to also give these in combination with the matching gel polish.

Polishes are available both in the set (17 euros) and individually.

Pink Gellac

4. Manicure Pocket Perfect

How cute is this manicure kit?! Everything you could need for a comprehensive manicure in a handy set. Perfect for taking along and easy to store. 5 handy tools for just 15 euros. Also great to combine with our pink Rose Cuticle Oil!

Pink Gellac

5. Heartfelt Hues Set

A perfectly appropriate gift is our limited edition Heartfelt Hues Set with 3 limited edition colours, packed in an adorable heart-shaped box. But keep in mind: be quick before it sells out! Limited availability.

Pink Gellac

6. Collection Box Soft Symphony with Gift Wrapping Sleeve

Opt for one of our collection boxes. These contain 5 colours that go well together but are diverse enough to use individually. Our favourite is the latest Soft Symphony collection box.

The colours are available both individually and in the set. Also, feel free to have a look at the rest of all our collection boxes.

Choose the lovely gift wrapping sleeve at checkout to make it extra festive.

Pink Gellac

7. Empowered Pink

Your mother is powerful. How fitting then to choose 381 Empowered Pink, which stands for everything your mother means to you. Moreover, with the purchase of this gel polish, you also support a good cause.

25% of the revenue from this gel polish goes to Pink Ribbon, helping them fund breast cancer research. A meaningful gift indeed.

#381 Empowered Pink

8. Cuticle Oil with Hand Cream Set

How fun to opt for a hand care set? Combine one of our Cuticle Oils with our Seductive Hand Cream.

Hand and nail care is a crucial part of the manicure and also lovely to make part of a self-care moment.

Pink Gellac

9. Nail Art Tools

Is your mother always keen to be creative or try something new? Then go for nail art tools! Our favourites are the French Manicure Brush, Fine Liner and Dotting Tool. Firstly, you cannot go wrong, as you can create numerous looks with these two tools, and it’s always good to have a second one, especially if you like using multiple colours in a nail art look.

To complete it, why not combine these with our Nail Art Palette?

Pink Gellac

10. Gift Card

Can't really decide? Let your mother choose her perfect gift herself. Go for a gift card. Visit one of our stores together and make a lovely day out of it.

Pink Gellac

We hope this has given you a good starting point. These are the Mother’s Day gift ideas from Pink Gellac with which you can surprise your mum. And just remember, Mother’s Day is more than just gifts; it’s a moment to be together and show appreciation. Whatever you choose to give, being together and bringing a smile to each other's faces is what truly counts.