235 Ruby Red
235 Ruby Red
235 Ruby Red
235 Ruby Red
235 Ruby Red
235 Ruby Red
235 Ruby Red
235 Ruby Red
Pink Gellac

235 Ruby Red

red gel polish - 15 ml

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Pink Gellac


Pink Gellac


Pink Gellac



#235 Ruby Red
#235 Ruby Red
#235 Ruby Red
#235 Ruby Red

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Very nice red color for elegant nails

Lisa ( 11 days ago )

Thick but okay , nice color

Nancy de Groot ( 74 days ago )

Nice coller

Patricia Van der Parre ( 93 days ago )

I had ordered this color from pinkgellac but I did get the gellac but a much different color. A pink one, I really like the color but was surprised when I got a different one than I thought. I tried to call pinkgellac but they could not help me. Too...

Jip de vos ( 131 days ago )

Nice color

Milena Hofman ( 147 days ago )

Peels off

customer ( 148 days ago )

gift for my daughter. VERY nice color dark red. Too bad there were no gift boxes in the physical store. And that with the holidays ?? ....

Dueña Bee ( 149 days ago )

Beautiful and warm deep red color.

ilse de klein ( 149 days ago )

Incredibly beautiful color

Fem ( 153 days ago )

I expected the color to be slightly darker red. Color feel does not meet my expectation. But again the quality is top notch!

JB ( 162 days ago )

I love it, color is beautiful and it's great quality

Jessica Coevoet-Gennari ( 162 days ago )

Beautiful color

Kelly ( 181 days ago )

No comments.

jn van ommen - veldhuizen ( 201 days ago )

I love the fact that the consistency is thicker and very pigmented. One coat and voila, it’s all node! Very easy, super quick and the color itself is so beautiful! Classy red!

Tihomira Rangelova ( 209 days ago )

Love the collar and how it make my nails look, I where it sins I bought it!

Tessa Ottenhof ( 276 days ago )

Beautiful as pictured and easy to apply

Jori Van den eynden ( 284 days ago )

Powerful statement color with class

Noémie Grauwmans ( 293 days ago )

you can never go wrong with red

Gurbet Er ( 496 days ago )

Beautiful color and good coverage. Is a bit lighter on the nails than the jar.

Evelien van der Pol ( 505 days ago )