184 Rosy Pink
184 Rosy Pink
184 Rosy Pink
184 Rosy Pink
184 Rosy Pink
184 Rosy Pink
Pink Gellac

184 Rosy Pink

pastel pink gel polish - 15 ml

€ 13,00

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Pink Gellac

14 days beautiful nails

Pink Gellac

cruelty free

Pink Gellac

remove in 10 mins


#184 Rosy Pink

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a very cool summer shade of pink

Dueña Bee ( 154 days ago )

Goes with everything....

TJORVIE ( 244 days ago )

Beautiful color

Ashley Kraus ( 1531 days ago )

Needs a few coats I think because it is a light color

Lindsey Platteau ( 1542 days ago )

I need few words!!! Pink Gellac is the best beautiful colors, stays on very well.

Lucette Krahe ( 2294 days ago )

Beautiful color, I just expected it to be a little warmer

L. Jansen ( 2297 days ago )

nice sweet color for summer

Maurice Gerrits ( 2297 days ago )

Very natural color, very satisfied! Does not cover very well though, 4-5 coats of color are really needed.

Maxime ( 2322 days ago )

Beautiful color, did need 4 coats for full coverage

Daniëlle S ( 2328 days ago )

My mother-in-law wanted this color and was very pleased with it.

Margot ( 2336 days ago )

Beautiful neutral color. Goes with everything.

Natasja De keijzer ( 2339 days ago )

Beautiful roZe, but not soft pink color

In ( 2343 days ago )

Nice soft color. Slightly less opaque than expected

Marleen van Neerven ( 2349 days ago )

Super pretty!!! A very light soft pink color

Jennifer Le ( 2351 days ago )

All the colors I have ordered to date have met my expectations 100%.

marion ( 2413 days ago )

So beautiful and elegant and also with chrome powder very nice

Fabina Annema-Graafmans ( 2413 days ago )

Very nice color. Combines very nicely with other Pink Gellac colors and also with the Effect Silver Foil lacquer.

Marjolein ( 2420 days ago )

Beautiful color, covers well. Fine wash to apply the gellac.

XYz ZYXzyx ( 2423 days ago )

Super nice color !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nanda Lubben ( 2431 days ago )