Which nail polish colour suits my skin?

It is important that you know what undertone you have to determine which colours suit your skin well. The colour(s) that come through your skin from beneath the surface affects the overall tone of the skin. It does not change due to sun exposure, the colour of your skin or a skin condition such as rosacea or acne. We know different undertones: cool, warm, olive or neutral. There are several tricks you can use to determine your undertone. Let's go through them together and see which colours suit you best overall.


Use a piece of gold and silver jewellery for this test. Hold both pieces of jewellery one by one in front of your wrist. Does the silver (129 Fabulous Silver) make your skin glow? Then that probably means you have a cool undertone. Does gold (130 Luxury Gold) look better on your skin? Then that means that you have a warm undertone. If you don't see a difference or if there isn't one that clearly shows you which one flatters you the most, then you probably have a neutral undertone. You can also use gold or silver foil and let the light reflect off your face. If one makes your skin greyish or pale, the other one looks best on you. Not this in the house either? Look for other attributes with gold or silver in them (keys, cutlery, electronics, garments, or accessories).


Is it still not entirely clear what undertone you have? Take a white sheet of paper and hold it near your face. Look at your face in the mirror compared to the white paper. Does your skin appear yellowish or sallow? Then you have a warm undertone and off-white will look better on you (296 Laced Cream, 329 Vanilla Cream). If your face seems to have more red tones or bluish, you have a cool undertone (299 Coco White). Does your face look greenish-yellow or greyish? Then that indicates an olive undertone (319 Decent White). If there are no clear tones, it means that you have a neutral undertone (101 Soft White).


Another way to determine what undertone you have is to look at the colour of the veins near your wrist. If they appear blue or purple, it indicates a cool undertone. Do they have a green glow? Then you have a warm undertone. If you don't see any of these colours clearly, you'll probably have a neutral undertone.


Now that you know what undertone you have, we can find out if you're a light or dark type. Do you have dark blonde, (chestnut) brown or black hair and are your eyes deeper in colour: (olive) green, brown or warm blue? Then you're a dark type. The eye and hair colour of darker types are often more intensely coloured. Do you have (light) blonde, ash blonde or reddish hair with light eyes: (light) blue, (light) green, (light) brown or greyish? Then you are a light type.

To discover which colours suit you, we look at the undertone of your skin along with the intensity that your hair and eyes naturally have. If you know both things about yourself, we can link this to a colour type based on a season: spring, summer, fall, winter.


Does your skin tone lean towards the warm side and are you a light type? Then you are a spring type. Discover what warm, bright colours on your nails can do for you. Think of colours like:


Are you a summer type? Then choose cool and pastel colours on your nails, such as:

  • Blue (269 Surfing Blue, 301 Azure Blue)
  • Light Grey (264 Lady Grey)
  • Lemon Yellow (289 Breeze Yellow, 213 Juicy Yellow)
  • Powder Pink (320 Powder Pink, 223 Dusty Rose, 184 Rosy Pink)
  • Dusty Pink (344 Vintage Rose, 306 Blissed Mauve)
  • Cool toned Blue (300 Light Blue)
  • Baby Blue (266 Baby Blue)
  • Cool toned Pink (212 Bubblegum Pink, 340 Sweet Pink, 326 Chaotic Pink)
  • Lila (277 Neutral Lavender, 242 Pastel Purple)


    Experiment with the colours of nature to match the season of your colour type: autumn leaves and earth tones.

  • Salmon (240 Salmon)
  • Warm toned Red (353 Chili Red, 107 Cheerful Red)
  • Terracotta (379 Terra Orange)
  • Mustard Yellow (315 Camel Gold)
  • Olive Green & Moss Green (316 Jungle Green, 261 Forest Green)
  • Shades of brown (283 Rosy Brown, 259 Hazelnut Brown, 150 Chestnut Brown, 203 Chocolate Brown)
  • Teal (361 Authentic Teal)
  • Grape Purple (334 Pomegranate Red, 307 Maroon Purple, 279 Muted Plum)
  • Bronze (331 Copper Gold)


    Go for bright, cool tones on the nails and look fresh.

  • Cherry Red (355 Royal Red, 199 Luscious Red, 262 Cherry Pink)
  • Emerald (309 Graceful Green, 385 Pine Green)
  • Cobalt Blue (221 Delighted Blue, 373 Royal Blue, 338 Classic Blue)
  • Magenta (260 Magenta)
  • Fuchsia (368 Intense Plum)
  • Violet (357 Violet Plum, 328 Iris Purple, 356 Deep Purple)
  • Lila (359 Reflective Lilac, 324 Lotus Lila, 268 Sweet Purple)
  • Ice Blue (157 Sky Blue)
  • Classic Red (109 Lipstick Red)

    We often wear the colours on our nails based on trend or taste, but which colours suit you best apart from that? Hopefully, you now have gained more clarity and insight on this.