Find you perfect Top Coat

A Top Coat is the last step of your manicure. You apply the top coat over the color to ensure that your manicure stays beautiful for as long as possible. It is good to know which Top Coat suits you best. We are happy to explain to you which Top Coats we offer and what the differences are.
Pink Gellac

Shine Top Coat

The Shine by Pink Gellac is a fine and flexible top coat. The Shine protects your Gellac manicure and gives a beautiful shine to your nail polish. Because the Shine contains an extra UV filter, it protects your manicure against discolouration. After curing, remove the adhesive layer of the Shine with the Pink Cleaner.

Pink Gellac

Ultra Shine Top Coat

The Ultra Shine is a non-sticky top coat with a deep ultra gloss protection. This top coat provides an extra deep and long-lasting gloss. With the Ultra Shine, the nails are even better protected. This is because the Ultra Shine is non-sticky. So you do not have to remove the sticky layer from the nails. Saves time!

Pink Gellac

Ultra Matte Top Coat

The Ultra Matte by Pink Gellac provides an intensely matte finish. Besides being elegant, this top coat is also very trendy! This non-sticky matte top coat gives a great matte look to your nails. Because the Ultra Matte is non-sticky, you don't have to wipe it off with the Pink Cleaner and after curing under the LED lamp you are ready to go!

Pink Gellac

Touch Up Shine Top Coat

The Touch Up Shine is a clear topcoat with a glitter. Give your manicure an extra boost with silver or gold glitter! You can apply the Touch Up Shine over your color as an extra effect. This top coat is non-sticky, so you don't have to take it off with a Cleaner.