1. To be eligible for Pink Points you first need to create an account with Pink Gellac. Once you have created an account you automatically become a member of the Pink Premium Program, Pink Gellac’s loyalty program.

2. Pink Points will be added to your balance within 24 hours after placing an order. In case of a returned purchase, Pink Points will be refunded to your balance. In case points have directly been claimed and afterwards a return was made, the Pink Points balance will become negative.

3. Purchases completed as a guest during checkout will not be accrued to your account.

4. Pink Points are not transferable.

5. Pink Points can not be exchanged for cash.

6. Free products can not be returned or exchanged for cash.

7. Pink Points cannot be utilised or accrued at reseller stores or nail salons, as these locations are not part of Pink Gellac's Pink Premium Program.

8. When shopping online, your points will be visible within the My Account section. Also, when you visit our Colour Boutiques, your Pink Points will automatically be added with every purchase.

9. Once you reach a redeemable amount of Pink Points, a voucher will be made available for you to spend. You can exchange your Pink Points for discounts or free products. You can only add one item per free product per order.

10. Earning Pink Points is not applicable to purchases of gift cards, nor to purchases made using gift cards.

11. The "Refer a friend" option is only available online. Therefore, if a new customer purchases from Pink Gellac Colour Boutique, the discount will not be taken into account.

12. In case you chose to “Refer a friend”, gained Pink Points will be visible within 24 hours.

13. You can not earn Pink Points from the delivery charges of an online order.

14. Only one discount voucher can be used per order.

15. Automatically generated discount vouchers as part of the Loyalty Program online can only be redeemed in the online store, not in our Colour Boutiques.

16. When redeeming points, the delivery fee will not be included in the discount given.

17. Points are valid for a duration of 1 year (12 months). If you have not utilised your accrued points within the 12-month period your point balance will be reset to zero.

18. It is not possible to gain Pink Points several times for the same action, e.g. following/unfollowing our social media accounts or changing birth dates.

19. Redeemed rewards are irreversible.

20. The Pink Premium Program may transfer, cancel, withdraw or alter Pink Points at any time, including these terms and any Pink Premium account, without notice.

21. Pink Premium Program launched on 12/09/2023.

22. To cancel your enrolment in the Pink Premium Program, please contact our Customer Care department. Your point balance will be reset to zero. Cancelling enrolment does not automatically mean your account will be deleted too. It is possible to preserve your account details and order history, without being a loyalty member.

23. To read more about information relating to how we process and use your personal details, please read our Privacy Policy.