Cookie Policy

We respect your privacy and process your personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Cookie policy informs you on how Pink Gellac’s website uses cookies to collect data. Pink Gellac’s website provides you options to control or disable cookies. We recommend that you read this cookie policy.

Cookies Table

Cookie Key Cookie Type Retention Period Description  Type
OptanonAlertBoxClosed First-party 1 year This cookie is placed by websites using specific versions of the OneTrust cookie law compliance solution. It is set after visitors see a message providing cookie information and, in some cases, only when the visitor actively closes the message. What it does is enable the website to show the message to a user one time only. The cookie has a one-year lifespan and does not contain any personal information. Necessary
secure_customer_sig First-party 1 year This cookie is usually provided by Shopify and is used in connection with a customer login. Necessary
OptanonConsent First-party 1 year This cookie is set by One Trust's cookie compliance solution. It stores information about the categories of cookies the site uses and whether visitors have given or withdrawn consent on use of each category. This enables site owners to prevent cookies in each category from being set in the user's browser if consent has not been given. The cookie has a standard lifespan of one year, allowing the site to remember the preferences of returning site visitors. It does not contain any information that can identify the site visitor. Necessary


1 year This cookie is set in connection with Pinterest Marketing. Marketing


1 year This cookie is used by the website administrator as part of multivariate testing. This is a tool to combine or modify content on the website. This enables the website to find the best variation/edition of the site. Functional (Analytica)


2 months 21 days Used to determine whether an user is included in an experiment and in which experiments an user is included. Functional (Analytical)
1 day Used in connection with navigation through a shop. Necessary
14 days This cookie is used to recognise the user's country of origin and enter the correct transaction currency. Targeting
13 months This cookie is used to measure and improve the performance of advertising campaigns and to personalise the user experience (including ads) on TikTok. Targeting
_ttp First-Party 13 months This cookie is used to measure and improve the performance of advertising campaigns and to personalise the user experience (including ads) on TikTok. Targeting
1 minute This is a pattern-type cookie set by Google Analytics, where the pattern element on the name contains the unique identification number of the account or website it relates to. It is a variant of the _gat cookie used to limit the amount of data Google records on high-traffic websites. Functional (Analytical)
2 year Tracks when someone clicks through to your website via Klaviyo e-mail. Functional (Analytical
2 year This cookie name is associated with Google Universal Analytics – a major update to Google's more widely used Analytics service. This cookie is used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a customer identifier. It is included in every page request on a site and used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data for the site's analytical reports. Functional (Analytical)
1 day This cookie is set by Google Analytics. It stores a unique value for each page visited and is used to count and track page views. Functional (Analytical)
2 year This cookie is used by Google Analytics to maintain the session status. Functional (Analytical
1 year Tracking preferences. Necessary
1 year This is a cookie used by Microsoft Bing Ads and is a tracking cookie. It enables us to target a user who has previously visited our website. Tracking
1 year This cookie is used by Snapchat to identify visitors and track conversions. Tracking
15 minutes This cookie is set by DoubleClick (owned by Google) to determine whether the website visitor's browser supports cookies. Tracking
_scid First-party 1 year 1 month This cookie is used by Snapchat to identify visitors. Tracking
IDE Third-party 1 year This cookie is set by Doubleclick and provides information about how the end user uses the website and about any advertising the end user may have seen before visiting the said website. Tracking
_gcl_au First-party 3 months Used by Google AdSense to experiment with ad efficiency on websites using their services. Tracking
MUID Third-party 1 year This cookie is widely used by Microsoft as a unique user identifier. It can be set by embedded Microsoft scripts. It is widely believed to synchronise with many different Microsoft domains, allowing users to be tracked. Tracking
_uetsid First-party 1 day This cookie is used by Bing to determine which ads to show that may be relevant to the end user viewing the site. Tracking
_fbp First-party 3 months Used by Meta to provide a range of advertising products such as real-time offers from third-party advertisers. Tracking
1 year Records a unique ID that identifies and recognises the user  from Pinterest. Used for targeted advertising. Tracking
1 year Stores the user's time zone. Functional
2 years Used for server side tagging with Google Analytics. The value stored in this cookie is used to set the client ID in the request to Google's servers.
Functional (Analytical)
Session Stores the user's currency preferences. Functional
2 hours Stores the user's location. Necessary
Session This cookie is used by Snapchat for retargeting and traffic attribution. Tracking
20 hours This cookie collects information about user activity on the website for analysis and reporting purposes. Functional (analytical)
Session No description. Functional