17 February 23

Nail Trend Guide 2023

Six trends you definitely don't want to miss this year: From the Aqua and Lipgloss Nails to the viral Barbiecore look. Find out what you need to create these trends yourself!

1. Aqua Nails

Get all eyes on you in all the right ways with our new 365 Angelic Aqua!

An Aqua colour is often seen as a playful and bold colour with a futuristic look. Not only does this colour put you in a summer state of mind even while it's just spring, it is also the ultimate boost for your outfit and mood! 365 Angelic Aqua

2. Lipgloss Nails

One of the latest trends: Lipgloss nails. Silky and shiny nails in a pink, peach or nude shade. Our Rubber Base Cover colours are perfect for this trend: Both a base coat and colour in one! Choose one of the colours below for the perfect Lipgloss Manicure in an instant:

  • Rubber Base Cover Soft Nude
  • Rubber Base Cover Milky White
  • Rubber Base Cover Rose Beige
  • Rubber Base Cover Frosted Pink

  • Finish it off with our Shine or Ultra Shine Top Coat, and you're all set!Rubber Base Cover Sparkling Rose

    3. Milky Chrome Nails

    Wherever you look, you will spot this one: The Chrome Nails are booming! Are you looking for some variation when it comes to this trend? Try the Milky Chrome Nails! Definitely the best of both worlds, hands down.

    First apply the Rubber Base Cover Soft Nude and finish it off with the 346 Pleasant Pearl.

    4. Barbiecore Trend

    The pink craze is taking over the internet! Of course we have known this for quite some time already (what's in a name?). The lastest Barbie film definitely had its impact on the current fashion trends: Barbiecore has caused a run on everything pink, from clothes to gel nail polish.

    Will you go for a vibrant neon shade à la 343 Sapphire Pink, opt for the iconic 341 Watermelon Pink or go next level with the 270 Florida Pink?

    343 Sapphire Pink

    5. Magenta Mani

    THE beauty colour of the year is Magenta. This colour makes you feel confident. It's the colour of self-expression, optimism, and fun. Everything that we support!

    Go for the 260 Magenta or 229 Berry Red for the ultimate Magenta manicure.

    6. Nail health

    This trend has come to stay: Nail & Hand health. Self-care is getting all the attention it deserves nowadays, and taking care of your nails and hands is not excluded. Luxury hand and nail care products with lovely fragrances have found its way to our daily self-care routine, and we love it!

    This is what you need (and yes, preferably all of them):

  • Nail Recovery
    An essential recovery treatment for your nails. This recovery cure helps your nails to stay strong and healthy. It also stops your nails from further cracking, breaking and splitting.
  • Nail Mask
    A peel-off overnight treatment for your nails. It repairs and strengthens the nail plate while you sleep. Perfect to give your nails an extra boost before applying gel polish again.
  • Handcreme Seductive
    The Japanese camellia oil - including its delicious floral scent - leaves your hands feeling smoother and softer. This essence is also known as the beauty secret of the Japanese Geisha.
  • 365_Angelic_Aqua_texture_image
    365 Angelic Aqua
    365 Angelic Aqua
    152 kr
    346 Pleasant Pearl
    346 Pleasant Pearl
    152 kr
    343 Sapphire Pink
    343 Sapphire Pink
    152 kr
    260 Magenta
    260 Magenta
    152 kr
    Night Nail Mask
    Night Nail Mask
    105 kr