Nail polishing block

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Nail Polishing Block 5 Pcs
Nail Polishing Block 5 Pcs
Nail Polishing Block 5 Pcs
10,00 €
Manicure Kit
Manicure Kit
10,00 €

Polishing block for your nails!

With a set of polishing blocks from Pink Gellac you can simply and easily remove the glossy layer from your nail, without damaging the natural nail. By properly exfoliating the nails with the polishing block, you ensure optimal adhesion.

The advantages of a polishing block for your nails

The advantages of the polishing block matter!

  • For one, it is the ideal preparation for optimal adhesion
  • The polishing block easily removes dead skin cells
  • Exfoliating removes the shiny layer of fat
  • The natural nail does not get damaged
  • It makes the nail even after removing Pink Gellac

All manicure tools

The set of polishing blocks is part of the manicure tools of Pink Gellac. These are all tools from Pink Gellac with which you can make your nails ready for manicure! The manicure tools not only contain the polishing blocks, but also the set Boomerang Nail files. These double-sided files are perfect for filing away the Shine topcoat layer without damaging the cuticles. Also included in this list of tools is the Cuticle Pusher! With the round side you can gently loosen your cuticles and push them back. Ideal in combination with the Cuticle Nipper!

Manicure Kit

In order to have the most important tools at your fingertips, such as a polishing block, Pink Gellac has put together the Manicure Kit. This kit contains all the essential tools for your manicure! It contains everything you really need to perfectly prepare and remove your gell polish. An ideal kit for when you travel!

The Pink Manicure Kit contains the following tools

  • 50 x Luxury Nail Wipes
  • 1 x Pink Nail Wheel
  • 1 x Polish block
  • 1 x Nail file 100/180 grit
  • 3 x Orange Woodsticks