How to clean nail art brushes?

Alright! Let's be honest for a moment. When was the last time you properly cleaned your brushes? Time to spill the polish - properly cleaned brushes not only ensure flawless nail designs but also extend the lifespan of your favourite tools, saving you time and money in the long run. Peek behind the scenes of perfect nail art with our handy cleaning guide. Discover the right methods to maintain your brushes and let your nail creations shine. And don't forget to always clean your brushes immediately after use for the best results.

Choose the right method

There are several ways to clean your brushes, but using a Base Coat or Cleaner is recommended. Avoid using your nails or sharp objects to remove leftover products, as this can damage the bristles. But never use Remover to clean your brushes. Remover will simply mess up your nail art brushes.

1. Regular maintenance

After each use, always wipe off your brush thoroughly to remove excess product. This prevents buildup and ensures optimal performance.

2. Cleaning with Base Coat

Start by applying a small amount of clear Base- or Topcoat onto a nail wipe. Gently rub your brush over the wipe until it’s completely clean. This way, you can effectively remove any excess gel.

3. Separate brushes for different colours

Getting colours completely off brushes can be tough, and there might always be a bit of pigment left behind. To stop colours from mixing, make sure to use different brushes for lighter and darker shades. This not only keeps your brushes working their best but also makes them last longer.

4. Proper storage

When storing your brushes, it’s advisable to refrain from storing them in an upright or upside-down position, as this may lead to bending of the bristles. Something else you should keep in mind while storing the nail art brushes is not to keep in contact with sun and UV lights, as this can harden the bristles over time.

5. Handling stiff bristles

The bristles of your brush can become stiff due to gel polish. Apply a small amount of Cleaner onto a nail wipe and gently wipe the bristles clean. However, avoid overdoing this to prevent the bristles from drying out.

Note: these tips are specifically tailored for Pink Gellac products.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your nail art brushes remain in top condition, allowing you to create flawless nail designs every time.