Colour Pop Ring
Colour Pop Ring
Colour Pop Ring
Colour Pop Ring
Colour Pop Ring
Colour Pop Ring
Colour Pop Ring
Colour Pop Ring
Colour Pop Ring
Colour Pop Ring

Colour Pop Ring

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Handy accessory

Simona ( 19 days ago )

very handy!

V. Admiraal ( 39 days ago )

Handy to have all the colors on hand.

Lija ( 126 days ago )

Now on sale

111 ( 205 days ago )

Useful to keep track, but also to see what colors you can use next to each other.

Marina ( 255 days ago )

Really easy to use, looks cute and you'll het a lot of testers

Lotte Verheijen ( 362 days ago )

Not expensive, too bad you can't take them off, but you can take that into consideration. Nice nail.

Ivana ( 432 days ago )

Easy to see your nail polish on it

Marianne Van Lieshout ( 436 days ago )

Ring pops from me as a professional it would be helpful. With the varnish you buy just a standard color nail for the ring to be able to add right away and show your customer what you have

Lucinda huisman ( 698 days ago )

Nice to see the colors so quickly and clearly

Lisa ( 717 days ago )

nice already put on some gel polish

Willy van der Voort ( 750 days ago )

Good quality and neatly packaged

Sterre ( 775 days ago )

Easy to keep up with the many colors ;-)

Ellen ( 811 days ago )


Jolanda Van alfen ( 870 days ago )

Super handy to put all the nail polish colors on so you can see exactly what you have! Too bad you can't take the sticks off separately to hang them in a nice order when you order new colors, but otherwise it's great!

Laura Schrieks ( 882 days ago )

Super nice, especially since you can put the numbers there

karin Bergmans ( 888 days ago )

Very satisfied with

Anoniem ( 890 days ago )

Already my 2nd ring. The collection is getting too big!

Liesl ( 933 days ago )