25 April 23

King's Day Confetti Nail Art

On this celebratory day, it's essential to give attention to your nails! You can effortlessly craft this design using the Dotting Tool. It's perfect for a quick and easy King's Day manicure. Let's add some flair to our festive look!

What do you need?

  • The basics such as the Prep Booster, a polishing block, a LED lamp, a Base Coat and a Top Coat
  • 109 Lipstick Red
  • 299 Coco White
  • 221 Delighted Blue
  • 311 Crushed Gold
  • Dotting Tool

  • Preparation

    To prepare your nails, start by filing them into the desired shape. Remove the natural shine of your nails using a polishing block. Use a Cleaner to clean and degrease your nails. Apply the Prep Booster and let it air dry for 30 seconds. Then, apply a Base Coat and let it cure for 60 seconds under the LED lamp. Following these steps will lead to a polished, long-lasting manicure. Let's unleash our inner beauty!

    Step 1 – Dotting

    Using your Dotting Tool, take a small amount of 311 Crushed Gold and create small dots at the top and bottom of your nail. Repeat this diagonally and let it cure for 60 seconds under the LED lamp. Remember to clean your Dotting Tool regularly throughout the process for a precise and professional look. With a little patience and creativity, we can achieve a stunning manicure!

    Step 2 – More dots

    Using your brush, apply a small amount of 221 Delighted Blue next to the gold dots. Let it cure for 60 seconds under the LED lamp. Repeat this step with 299 Coco White and 109 Lipstick Red for a beautiful and colorful design. With a steady hand and some creativity, we can create gorgeous nails that make us feel confident and fabulous. Let's embrace our natural beauty!

    Looking to switch up your design? Try adding multiple dots of each color from the top to the center of your nail. With this small variation, you can create a unique and eye-catching look that complements your personal style.

    Step 3 – Apply a Top Coat

    Apply one of our Top Coats over the entire nail and let it cure under the LED lamp for 60 seconds. Have you used the Shine Top Coat? If so, remove the tacky layer with the Cleaner. Thank you for choosing our products and always remember to take care of your beautiful nails!

    You have the freedom to customize this design according to your taste, of course! To add some regal vibes, consider incorporating an orange hue.

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