Your nail polish is peeling off? 10 reasons why

Your nail polish is peeling off?

It is of course unusual, but it can happen that your manicure has started to peel off. Stupid, but don't worry: there can be many reasons why your nail polish is peeling off. We would like to tell you why your gel polish chipping happens and also give you nail care tips on how to prevent it.

#1 The gel polish is coming off because it has been cured too short (or too long)

Before starting your manicure, read the instructions carefully. Make sure you know how long the gel polish should be cured under the LED lamp. If the gel polish cures too short or too long, the layer on top of it will not adhere properly. This causes the nail polish to come off in one go.

#2 The gel polish does not stick because you used the wrong lamp

We strongly recommend curing the gel nail polish with one of our Pink Gellac LED lamps! Curious about which lamp suits you best? Check out our entire product range!

#3 Incorrect position in the lamp

This is a common mistake! Many users put their fingers into the lamp, while no light shines on that spot. Keep your fingers flat and centred under the lamp.

#4 Not preparing nails well enough

For a great result, you need to prepare the nails properly. Your nails should not come in contact with water for at least an hour before the treatment so that they are dry enough. First, push back your cuticles and file your nails into shape. With a polishing block or a 180 grit file, you should roughen up your nails well. Work carefully and remove the natural gloss from your nails. Degrease the nails with Cleaner and then apply a layer of Prep Booster.

#5 Not degreasing the nails correctly

We explained it before, but it is still a step we would like to emphasize. The degreasing of the nails must be done correctly so that the gel polish does not chip. The correct way to degrease your nails is to soak a Nail Wipe with Cleaner. Hold the wipe with your thumb and forefinger and make sure you go all over your nail, also along the sides and the cuticles!

#6 Do not apply the gel nail polish to the entire nail

Apply the gel polish completely on the nail. Make sure you leave at least 1 millimetre between the cuticles and the nail polish. This is how you prevent lifting!

#7 Damaged nails

If the surface of the nail is damaged, Pink Gellac cannot bond as well. It is vital to take good care of weak nails. Especially with thin nails, the manicure can chip faster. Is this the case for you? Then it is best to use the Rubber Base. Or you can take care of your nails with Nail Foundation or Nail Recovery.

#8 Your nails are too long

When nails are too long, they usually tear. Rectangular nails chafe faster at the corners and it can therefore help by filing your nails round. The more you strain your nails, the faster the gel nail polish will chip.

#9 Using your nails as tools

When you use your nails to open things or for household tasks, it will, unfortunately, affects your beautiful manicure. Try to avoid this and use actual tools for it!

#10 Not sealing your nails

Sealing the nails prevents the gel polish from chipping. Sealing means that besides the edges, you also paint the sides and the bottom of the nails. This prevents air and water from getting under your gel polish.

Is this the solution for you? We hope you can now enjoy your Pink Gellac manicure even longer! If you are still having trouble, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!