11 May 23

Wedding Nails

Yes, the wedding season has started again! Do you have a wedding scheduled soon or are you getting married yourself? We give you tips for the perfect nails to attend a wedding. What should you wear or not wear on this big day? And what are the latest trends? You can read it here. DARE TO SHINE!

Bride to be

Are you the lucky bride to be? You will look astonishing in your spectacular dress on that lovely day. Did you know that your hands are often the center of attention in your wedding photos? Picture this: You are slicing/cutting your cake or even better tying the knot with the ring being put on your finger. You get the point, you deserve to look flawless from head to toe and every detail should be ideal for the occasion, your nails included. They deserve to be beautiful to make this day even more memorable.

Soft and shiny colours

Looking at the current trends, we can see a preference for a neutral, calm and romantic look. Many brides opt for a soft shade of gel nail polish that complements the overall aesthetic of their special day. Classic light pink hues like the 339 Ballerina Pink or 144 Romantic Pink are common choices. Beige shades such as 294 Bridal Beige are also popular. Another timeless option is a nude shade like 305 Pearly Nude or 166 Vintage Nude, which always looks elegant and timeless.

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294 Bridal Beige
294 Bridal Beige

On trend wedding nail art

The French manicure has been a beloved choice for brides, and it still holds up as a timeless and elegant option. This season, bridal nails are also allowed to be a little different. We see many brides opting for nail art, embracing a sense of individuality. You can opt for a natural gel polish with a striking detail on the ring finger, such as a different colour or design. Or choose a decoration in the form of a small stone or a coarse glitter that you apply to the nail. A beautiful glitter will also make your wedding ring -or other rings- shine.

Get inspired by our Bridal Glitter Nail Art blog!

Bridal Nail Art examples

  • Using gel nail polish on your wedding day is an excellent idea! Not only will it stay on for up to 14 days without peeling or chipping, but it will keep your nails looking beautiful and shiny throughout your honeymoon.
  • While white gel polish may be a beautiful choice for the summer months, we recommend choosing a different shade for your wedding day. We want to ensure that your dress takes center stage, and nothing diminishes your radiance. You deserve to look and feel flawless on your wedding day, and we're here to help make that happen! Let's choose a nail colour that will complement your dress and accentuate your natural beauty.
  • To highlight the beauty of your wedding ring and your skin tone, we recommend matching your nail colour to create a cohesive and stunning look. If your ring is already an eye-catcher, consider keeping your nails more natural to let your ring stand out. And, if you have a pink undertone, we suggest avoiding pink nail polish shades that may blend in and take away from your natural beauty.
  • Do you prefer to see more colour on your nails? Then how fun is it to match your nails to the theme of your wedding. For example, if your wedding theme is a Touch of Gold, then reflect it with our stunning 236 Gossip Gold. Or feel right at home on our tropical honeymoon with a beautiful coral shade such as our 272 Coral PinkFor a glamorous old Hollywood look, try our deep red shade 111 Rustic Red, paired with a bold red lipstick.
    236 Gossip Gold
    The model is wearing 236 Gossip Gold

  • You're invited

    Are you attending a wedding soon and want to look your best? Your nails are the perfect finishing touch to complete your outfit! But remember that all attention should be on the bride and groom, so save your flashy neon colour (à la 350 Groovy Green) for another time. Black gel nail polish is also less suitable according to etiquette.

    Match the dress code

    As a guest, it is always good to match your makeup and nail polish to the dress code of the wedding. "Black tie" requires a more subtle and classic makeup. For your nails, think 306 Blissed Mauve or 109 Lipstick Red. At “Tenue de Ville”, it is customary to wear soft colours. Our 323 Gentle Jade and 344 Vintage Rose are a perfect match. Is "Cocktail" the dress code on your invitation? Then you can go all out and so also on your nails: For example, choose a festive glitter 243 Diamond Pink, or go for nail art.