22 February 24

Discover the Pink Glazed Nails

In the wonderful world of nail art, there's a simple truth that says true beauty often lies in simplicity.

The Magic of Two Colours

For this look, we only bring together two shades from our range. The best part? You do not need any nail art tools. Just apply the colours on top of each other and voilà! When 184 Rosy Pink and 346 Pleasant Pearl meet, a magical pearlescent effect emerges. This combination is perfect for any occasion. Whether you're having a regular day or a special evening ahead, effortlessly add a stylish flair to your appearance.

How to Create Pink Glazed Nails?

Let us walk you through the process, step by step:

  1. Preparation is Everything: Start by preparing your nails: push back your cuticles, file your nails into shape, buff the nail plate, and degrease it with Cleaner on a wipe. Then apply the Prep Booster and let it air dry for 30 seconds.
  2. A Strong Foundation: Apply a thin layer of your favourite base coat and cure it for 60 seconds under the LED lamp.
  3. The Colours of Elegance: Begin with a layer of 184 Rosy Pink and cure it under the LED lamp. Then, proceed with 346 Pleasant Pearl for that unique pearlescent effect.
  4. The Finishing Touch: Finally, apply the Shine top coat and let it also cure for 60 seconds. Wait another 2 minutes and remove the sticky layer with a Cleaner wipe.
  5. Extra Care: Don’t forget to show some love to your cuticles with our cuticle oil.

Ease and Beauty Hand in Hand

With Pink Glazed Nails, we prove that a sophisticated look doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. This combination is your secret to an elegant appearance, ready to dazzle every day.

184 Rosy Pink
184 Rosy Pink
13,00 €
346 Pleasant Pearl
346 Pleasant Pearl
13,00 €