30 November 22

Nail Gems How-To

The festive season has begun! Give your manicure an extra sparkly touch with these Nail Gems – super quick and easy. This quick go-to nail look is one to keep in your repertoire:

Got a party to attend tonight, or feel like giving your nails some extra glam for the day? Then you won’t be needing anything else at all, these nail gems have a self-adhesive layer.

Wish to enjoy this look a bit longer than your party hangover? In this step-by-step plan we’ll explain you how to best apply these Nail Gems.

Nail Gems Pink Gellac

What do you need?

  • The basics such as the Prep Booster, polishing blockLED lamp, a Base Coat and a Top Coat
  • A colour of choice
  • Nail gems
  • Dotting Tool or a tweezer

  • Prep your nails

    Prepare your nails by filing them into the desired shape. Remove the natural shine from your nails with a polishing block. Use the Cleaner to degrease and clean the nails. Apply the Prep Booster and allow it to air dry for 30 seconds. 

    Step 1 – APPLY BASE COAT

    Apply your favourite base coat and let it cure for 60 seconds under the LED lamp.

    Step 2 – Base Colour

    Apply a layer of your favourite gel polish colour on your nail. Let it cure under the LED lamp for 60 seconds.

    Step 3 – Top Coat

    Apply a Top Coat layer on your nail. Do not cure this layer just yet.

    Step 4 - Place the gems

    Pick a gem with your Dotting Tool or tweezer and place it on to the desired spot in the wet Top Coat layer.

    Step 5 - Cure

    Satisfied with the position of the gem? Then cure your nail under the LED lamp for 60 seconds.

    And that’s how quickly you can add some extra brilliance to your party nails! We’re curious about how you will be using these Nail Gems.

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