Blooming Gel
Blooming Gel

Blooming Gel

15 ml

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Pink Gellac

14 days beautiful nails

Pink Gellac

cruelty free

Pink Gellac

remove in 10 mins


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How to apply gel polish?

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Ideal for nail art

Dilara ( 90 days ago )

Super to work with this

Veronique Raaijmakers ( 135 days ago )

Really super fun to do and very easy. Photo is from 1st time blooming gel, 3 different tries.

Djol ( 148 days ago )


kylie vanhou ( 149 days ago )

Works really well, just don't use to much or to less

Lotte Verheijen ( 166 days ago )

Nice effect

Marsha Outhuis ( 198 days ago )

Does its job , a little searching but it works

Kelly ( 327 days ago )

Super product, just need to practice a lot with it myself.

Family Can ( 397 days ago )

Works super well with the 'marble' technique!

Tamara ( 398 days ago )

Very fun to work with!

Kimberley Smulders ( 446 days ago )

Still learning to work with it, but super creations to come

Kari Voeten ( 464 days ago )

Figuring out how it works

Wilma ( 475 days ago )

It takes a little practice, but when you get the hang of it you get a beautiful result.

Desiree ( 517 days ago )

Nice product

Stéphanie ( 525 days ago )

Let your imagination do the talking

Jolanda ( 557 days ago )

First time I have used Blooming gel.It went very well and I am satisfied with the result.This is asking for more, so trying out other motifs soon 😉

Astrid ( 607 days ago )

Not yet tried, but will match the description

Anita ( 673 days ago )

It takes some practice but once you figure out how to do it you'll have a super cute effect!

Angel Kostwinder ( 695 days ago )

Very good.

Delia ( 732 days ago )