How to use cat eye gel polish?

Learn how to apply cat eye gel polish in 5 easy steps

How to use cat eye gel polish?

Applying Cat Eye gel polish is quite similar to applying regular gel nail polish. The difference is that you can move the glitters with a Cat Eye Magnet to create an extraordinary 3 dimensional looking effect. We want to explain how to work with these types of polishes and give you some tips and tricks.

This is what you need:

  • Nail wipes
  • Cleaner
  • Orange Woodsticks / Cuticle Pusher
  • Polish Block
  • Nail file
  • LED lamp
  • Prep Booster
  • Base Coat
  • Gellac colour of choice
  • Cat Eye Glam gel Polish (of choice)
  • Cat Eye Magnet
  • Top Coat
  • Cuticle Oil


For seamless application of cat eye gel polish your preparation is key. Make sure you follow all these steps for optimal result.

    1. Push back the cuticles using a Cuticle Pusher or an Orange Woodstick. Make sure you remove all the dead skin cells and dirt using these tools and a Polishing Block. Then file your nail plate with the same Polishing Block.
    2. File your nail into the desired shape. Whenever you are happy, wipe down your nail using the Cleaner on a lint free Nail Wipe to remove all the dust and oil.
    3. Apply a thin layer of Prep Booster on the full nail and let this dry by air for 30 seconds. This nail prep product helps to remove any leftover natural oil that is present on the nail, creating a clean and dry canvas for your artwork. It will help the polish adhere better and last longer.


Next is your favourite Base Coat. Apply a thin and even layer to the nail. Make sure to keep about one millimetre distance from the cuticle. If you accidentally got a bit on your skin, please remove it with an Orange Woodstick or a Cuticle Pusher. Then, Stick your hand in the LED-lamp and cure the base coat for 60 seconds.


Applying a base colour underneath the cat eye gel polish will give a more deep and intense look to your nails. You can use one of your favourite colours or a basic black or white. Choose one that matches your vibe and the cat eye colour you will use. Black will intensify multichromatic colours and it will give a Galaxy Effect. A lighter starter colour creates a more subtle multi-dimensional effect.

Apply based on your referenced coverage one or two coats of the colour. Apply it in thin layers and cure every layer for 60 seconds in the LED-lamp. Try to keep about one millimetre distance from the cuticle. Also don’t forget to cap the free edge of the nail.


Inside the bottle of cat eye gel polish there are the little specks of colour that are suspended in the polish. To ensure all the glitters and pigments are distributed throughout the bottle, roll the bottle between your hands before using the cat eye gel polish. Do not shake it to prevent air bubbles inside and imperfections on the nail. When a bottle has been sitting for some time, those tiny fragments are going to be mostly at the bottom of the bottle. First, turn the bottle upside down for a minute and then roll the bottle between your hands.

Apply an even layer of the cat eye gel polish. Do not cure instantly! While the cat eye gel polish is still wet you can move the glitters with the Cat Eye Magnet. Create a mesmerizing galaxy effect. One of the reasons why the specs in the cat eye gel polish were not moving, is because the magnet was not held there for long enough time. Keep the magnet in place for about 3 seconds. This will give the cat eye gel polish the chance to really attract to the magnet and be more defined. Try to keep about 1 millimetre from the cuticle to prevent early lifting. Accidentally got some on your skin? Remove it before you cure it in de LED-lamp with a Woodstick or Cuticle Pusher. When you are happy with the design, cure it for 60 seconds under the LED-lamp.

It is possible to apply 2 layers of the cat eye polish. This gives a more intense and extra 3D look.

Tip: After playing around with the cat eye magnet to create your desired look, you can, so called, fast cure the cat eye gel polish for 10 seconds to secure the glitters. This ensures optimal results for your design. Work finger by finger. When you did all nails, cure your full hand for 60 seconds like usual to lock everything in place.

Tip: Use a proper magnet that is specifically for cay eye gel polish. These magnets are quite powerful so try to keep them away from electronic devices and other magnetic belonging. We recommend you to work with our Pink Gellac Cat Eye Magnet to be assured of optimal results.

Tip: Practice makes perfect. A perfect cat eye manicure requires a little practice. If it didn’t work out great first try, remove (while it is still wet) and try again.

Tip: Play around with the endless looks you can create. You can make 12 different designs with only one magnet. Hold the magnet in a 45 degree angle to move the little speck around more easily. Play around with the magnet, use it upside down, from the side of the middle of the nail. It is also possible to use two magnets for your design. Place them on either side of the nail and the magnetic shavings will be pushed together to make a galaxy nail design.

Tip: Apply a thin layer of a glassy colour on top (343, 373) to give extra colour to the nail and keep the special glitter effect. This creates a different look with your cat eye gel polish. The options are unlimited.


For the finishing touch, you need a Top Coat to top off your cat eye gel polish manicure. Again, keep that millimetre distance from your cuticles. Apply a thin layer on your full nail. Don’t forget the tip of your nail. Cure the top coat for 60 seconds under the LED-lamp. Did you use our Shine Topcoat? Let it cool down for one minute after curing. Then remove the sticky layer with our Cleaner on a lint free Nail Wipe.


What about the maintenance of your manicure? It is important to use a Cuticle Oil regularly to keep your cuticles and nails hydrated. Avoid direct contact with water for at least an hour before and after application. We also recommend you to wear gloves whenever you work with cleaning supplies, water or harsh chemicals.

That's it!