154 Nude Beige
154 Nude Beige
154 Nude Beige
154 Nude Beige
154 Nude Beige
154 Nude Beige
Pink Gellac

154 Nude Beige

nude beige gel polish - 15 ml

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Pink Gellac


Pink Gellac


Pink Gellac



#154 Nude Beige

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Beautiful neutral color

Danielle ( 141 days ago )

nice nude color, good thick

evi den Hollander ( 218 days ago )

Beautiful pink-brown nude color.

Karin Mulders ( 288 days ago )

beautiful color on my nails

Gurbet Er ( 327 days ago )

Very fine and beautiful color!

sanne1404 ( 372 days ago )

Perfecte nude

Heleen ( 464 days ago )

Happy with it!

Inge Boon ( 476 days ago )

Heel chic

Sherouk Azawi ( 573 days ago )

I continue to find this a very beautiful everyday color

Kaylee Grennemann ( 654 days ago )

Beautiful color

Veronique Wolff ( 734 days ago )

Beautiful color

Trudy Grisel ( 1350 days ago )

Beautiful color, really nude beige. Very opaque with two coats. Just doesn't match the color in the photo on the Pink Gellac website. That one looks much more light pink. Better to google photos of this color that others have posted.

Hannah ( 1359 days ago )

Very nice color! Is very much liked by customers!

Dani ( 1461 days ago )

Beautiful color, lubricates pleasantly.

N.G. ( 1462 days ago )

The color is super nice but does differ from the picture. I made my choice through other photos on the internet because I got a better picture of the color there. Too bad because the color is beautiful nude pink and you can't see that in the photo.

Jessie ( 1510 days ago )

Beautiful color, Fine colors, good to work with.

Patricia ( 2072 days ago )

Beautiful nude color, nice to combine with the white or glitter.

Phoebeer ( 2074 days ago )

I really like the color. I really like nude colors myself. This one also comes exactly over one with the picture and on the nail itself.

Marisa ( 2084 days ago )

Beautiful nude color, suitable for young and old. Super product

Stephanie ( 2098 days ago )