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Prep Booster

Prep Booster

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Gel polish primer for proper nail care

The Pink Gellac primer is for the natural nail to which gel polish adheres less well. The Prep Booster is a primer that you apply to your nails before using the regular gel polish. The primer ensures that the gel polish adheres better and stays beautiful longer. Do you have nails on which gel polish is difficult to stay on? Then a primer is the perfect solution to enjoy your nail polish as long as possible!

How does a gel polish primer work?

A primer removes excess grease and moisture from your nails, making it easier for the gel polish to adhere. Before you apply the primer, there really shouldn't be any gel polish left on your nails. So first file your nails and then remove as much dirt and grease as possible with a cleaner. Then apply the Prep Booster to the tips of your painted nails. Do not cover the entire nail with primer, but keep a small area on your nail bed free. If the primer is applied all over the nail, it is a lot more difficult to remove the gel polish. After applying the gel polish primer, let it air dry. So you don't have to let the primer harden under the lamp. After 30 seconds you can start applying the base coat.

The benefits of the primer of Pink Gellac

Pink Gellac's Prep Booster has many advantages:

  • The gel polish primer is 100% acid-free
  • Contains 15 ml content, good for 40 treatments
  • Extra adhesion for brittle and greasy nails
  • Long-lasting result
  • Suitable for degreasing hand and toe nails

Buy gel polish primer at Pink Gellac

With a primer you ensure extra adhesion of your gel polish. No more chipping nail polish, but beautiful nails with a long-lasting result!

You can of course buy the best gel polish primer at Pink Gellac. If you order from us before 23:45, we will ship your order the next day. We also offer a guarantee on beautiful nails, because if you are not satisfied within 30 days? Then you will get your money back from us. For the best result, use a base coat and top coat in addition to the gel polish primer. >.